It’s The Viktor Kozlov Show

Tireless interviewer and translator Dmitry Chesnokov of Sovetsky Sport recently chatted with Washington Capitals forward Viktor Kozlov. As usual, a few gems were unearthed during the entertaining discussion, including some reaction to the now-infamous Alex Semin interview. Here’s a taste:

Ovechkin opened his own clothing line recently. Did he give you a present?

“I have a hat. He didn’t sign it, but I have a picture with him as proof that we have met.”

Sidney Crosby is often accused of yelling and complaining to referees.

“I don’t know. He is forgiven [for] a lot of things. But when I started playing for New Jersey, I was told right away to keep my mouth shut when I was on the ice. The coach said that only he and the captain are allowed to speak with the refs. I think this is the right way to go. What’s the point of yelling at a ref? You won’t change anything anyway. Sure, you can let your emotions go, but the next thing you know is you have offended that referee, and God knows at what key moment of the game he may remember that.”

Read the full article at Puck Daddy here.

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1 Response to It’s The Viktor Kozlov Show

  1. pepper says:

    All hail Dmitry! Caps country is so fortunate to have such a fantastic interviewer in its midst, not to mention having the inside track on our Russian stars.

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