“Washington is, indeed, asking around about goalies”

During The Hotstove on last night’s Hockey Night in Canada’s broadcast, another rumour surfaced concerning the Washington Capitals.  Per Al Strachan, “Washington is, indeed, asking around about goalies”.  Adding more fuel to the fire was Scott Morrison who said that earlier in the year the Caps had a deal in place with Chicago.  The particulars?  Nylander and a pick for … Khabibulin.

The CBC doesn’t allow embedding of their videos so go here, select Dec 20 and forward to the 5:10 mark.

A tap of the stick to OFB Reader NS2NOVA for the pointer.

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8 Responses to “Washington is, indeed, asking around about goalies”

  1. Brad says:

    Strachan is, indeed, an idiot. Tough to say if there’s any truth here but it would seem impossible without a taker for Theodore (and anyone that could take Theo would rather take Bulin, no?)

  2. kittypawz says:

    I dunno. Maybe the plan is to send Theodore down. But I agree that we need a goalie, and really that’s all we need. Varlamov is not ready and I do not care what people think. I do not want to ruin him like we ruined Jim Carey. Maybe in a year or two, he will be, but he’s not yet.
    I’m not really upset by the Flyers loss. We played fine – their goalie was playing out of his mind and Brent Johnson was having an off day. Maybe it’s our price for the win in MTL. 🙂

  3. mikez says:

    While it would be nice to get rid of Michael Nylander, it seems doubtful that Chicago would fail to recognize that trading one highly overpaid, well-past-his-prime player for another makes little sense.
    Also, we’d still be saddled with Theodore. Is there a team in the NHL that could take 4.5 million of lackluster goaltending?

  4. NS2NOVA says:

    Went back and watched the clip again, and I still have to wonder about the credibility of Scott Morrison’s statement about the Khabibulin / Nylander trade rumour. Overlooking the fact that Nyls has stated that no one has approached him about waiving the NTC, the timing just doesn’t make sense.
    Morrison says the deal was almost in place, but fell apart when Chicago changed coaches. Well, if you look at the timeline, that means GMGM was trying to shop Theo during the first week of the season. Quinneville was hired on October 16th, less than a week into the season. Theo by that time had played 3 games, our blowout opener in Atlanta, a 4-2 win over the Hawks, and a 4-3 win over the Pens. The only other game in that time frame was a 5-1 win over the Canucks with Johnny in net.
    Gotta call BS on this one.
    Besides, why would we end up saddling ourselves with 3 goaltenders and 10.7 million in cap hits, and end up in the same situation were were in at the trade deadline back in February. If GMGM has shown one thing over his time calling the shots, it’s that he is a very savvy dealer, and he certainly would not jump at that one. Besides, we could have picked him up off waivers without losing a player in return (although we would have had to shed $6 mil for the Cap hit).
    I think the more likely situation would be to trade Theo for draft picks and prospect talent to free up cap space, bring up Varlamov to back up Johnny, and hope like hell we get some healthy bodies back on the ice for an extended period.

  5. NS2NOVA says:

    Also, have to agree with Mike Millbury (for once). WTF did the clip they showed have to do with hits to the head. The hit was semi-clean ( it was a hit from behind, Alfredson but no chance for him to pull up and avoid contact), no call was made.

  6. VT Phil says:

    @ Kitty,
    I don’t think I agree that all we need is a goalie. That won’t fix everything. We got really lucky at the end of last year that Huet played like a wall, but at the end of the day, our blue line is really weak. Even when we have everyone healthy, they are still far to guilty of bad turn overs and stupid lazy penalties. I’d be much happier if we stuck out the year with Johnny/Theo and instead focused on bringing in one or two blue liners who could not only play solid D, but also add some much needed grit which pucksandboots wrote about two days ago.

  7. Dan says:

    i think we do need a goalie.. Varlamov was doing great we shouldve just rode on that bus till we started losing instead of sending down a really good rookie goalie for a seasoned veteran thats going to retire soon.. Going to get khabibulin would be a great idea he has stanley cup experience (2005 tampa bay lightning).. and Eastern Conference experience as well, unlike theodore who we got from Colorado and hasnt played the east in 4 years.. and it may be a small price to pay because nylander is doing ok but we can go without him.. just bring up chris bourque or oscar osala.. they were playing pretty well.. i think that khabibulin will do well in DC.. maybe we could try to get Huet back from them by offering somethin a little better like maybe another pick or possibly a player.. but khabibulin will play for about 3 or 4 more years.. thats just in time for Varlamov to mature and be the goalie of our future.. He could possibly be like the next Kolzig..

  8. Lee (PTO) says:

    Amen, VT Phil. I agree that it is our suspect Blue-liner play that’s costing us all these goals. Aside from the Rocsival (sp?) blast from the point, Theo was hung out to dry on the Rags goals last night. At least we’re not stuck with “3-back Wilson” and can actually overcome such deficits to still compete, just look how much more firepower San Jose has without him on the bench this year?
    I disagree about keeping Varlie down in the minors though, that kid seems unflappable already. “I ready, coach.” : ) It’s a risk that seems worth taking if our netminders continue to let in leaky goals or if, say, our most dependable goalie thus far has something wrong with his hip. 3 or 4 more weeks of Varlamov up with the parent club shouldn’t flash-in-the-pan him the way Carey came up?

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