Pothier Skating at Kettler

OFB reader vanzabdan emailed this photo of Brian Pothier from Kettler yesterday:

“I was pleasantly surprised Saturday morning, as I sat with my 3 year old watching the
injured Caps skate, to see Brian skating with the
boys. Best wishes on his recovery and whatever he decides to do.”

Brian Pothier skating at Kettler, December 13, 2008

Brian Pothier (center, with puck)

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5 Responses to Pothier Skating at Kettler

  1. elicea says:

    This is so encouraging to see. (:

  2. Would love to see him make a triumphant come back

  3. Stratocaps says:

    I’m thinking that the next opportunity for him will be in coaching. I’m just not that optimistic that the NHL will be there for him when he gets back. Good luck Brian!

  4. TJ says:

    Honestly after reading about his physical issues this week. I would rather have the guy be healthy so he can enjoy his family. Hockey is just a game, family is more important.

  5. kittypawz says:

    I think he’s going to get completely healthy and then make the decision about whether to continue playing. I think he shouldn’t, but it’s not my decision to make and I’ll stand by whatever he decides.

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