“You with the pretzels, get in there.”

The way injuries and recall travel logistics have been, this commercial from the 90’s seems rather appropriate.  Note the snazzy sweaters of the team in white.  No official word if the team in red had anyone with the last name Fedorov. Kozlov, Ovechkin, Semin, or Varlamov.

Thanks to Capitals Kremlin for reminding us of those classic Rold Gold commercials with Jason Alexander.

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3 Responses to “You with the pretzels, get in there.”

  1. I have a feeling that if the team suffers any more injuries, fans will be asked to bring skates to home games…just in case.

  2. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    When’s the last time 2 goalies on the same team had their first NHL game on the same night? I’d have to think that’s a record of some kind… at least a modern-era record.

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