Iron Curtain in Net: Caps 2, Habs 1

Victory Beer Toast

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12 Responses to Iron Curtain in Net: Caps 2, Habs 1

  1. Jessie says:

    So I hear (had to listen on the radio- UGH) that Varlamov made some absolutely RIDICULOUS saves in the process of winning us another 2 points. Some mad congrats are in order for the 20-year old Russian who pulled out a .969 performance in his NHL debut
    Can I just say, I have never had as much appreciation for our affiliate in the AHL as I do now. C-A-P-S (*cough* Hershey) CAPS CAPS CAPS!

  2. PaintDrinkingPete says:

    They played tonight like a team that could earn Lord Stanley’s Cup…keep it up!

  3. vt caps fan says:

    The iron curtain what a fantastic nick name for a goalie.
    Congrats to him. I love the Poti trading his stick for the puck that got tossed over the glass (at the very end of the game). Classy move all around. Only in Montreal would they respect the game like that.
    Great Win.

  4. this space for rent says:

    Sweet win. Only damper on it is that Feds, Sloan, and Backstrom are all injured. 😦 Hope that ankle doesn’t end up killing Feds for the rest of the season.

  5. automatic says:

    Seeing the Caps skate down to congratulate Varlamov gave me chills. I think I realized, in that moment, what these (eleven!) Bears mean for the future of this team. In ten years of being a fan, I have never been more excited about this team.

  6. SovSport says:

    I must break you!
    S. Varlamov

  7. odessa steps magazine says:

    “iron curtain” seems too much like “bhulin wall”

  8. OrderedChaos (Mike Rucki) says:

    No… the Berlin Wall fell. The Iron Curtain, for better (hockey) or worse (real world) may be alive and well.

  9. Flying Cloud says:

    What a wild weekend! Between Web Guy and New Guy our Cinderella story lives on. Could someone please come up with a better nickname than Iron Curtain for young Varlamov? It has distasteful memories for oldtimers like me. Here’s hoping Fedorov is just taking precautions, and Backstrom and Sloan are good to go by Tuesday.

  10. Jed says:

    per tarik, backstrom just had a migraine… whatever happened to the regular knee jerks? I always looked forward to them after a game, now they’re so sporadic…

  11. Aneesa says:

    I regret not being able to watch the game but excited to hear that Varlamov had an incredible debut.
    V is for Victory. V is for Varlamov.

  12. Muddapucker says:

    Put me down as someone who doesn’t like the cheesey political references to years gone by. The cold war is over… for the most part. Why make even remote references to it?
    The iron curtain is really a negative reference about past relations between two countries.
    Can’t we do better than that?

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