The NHL Keeps Going, And Going, And Going

The Energizer BunnyThe NHL season is long; some would say too long. Hockey’s intensity over 82 games takes a significant toll on its players–a fact for which Capitals fans currently see ample evidence–with few players able to take the ice for the entire season. And it just seems seasonally awkward to award the Stanley Cup after Memorial Day, particularly when a warm-climate city wins.

Well the NHL season’s length won’t be changing any time soon, because Energizer is now the Official Battery of the National Hockey League. With this new sponsor, expect to see more overtime games, more 7-game playoff series… and perhaps the post-season extending into July (I think my wife’s head just exploded). Hopefully teams won’t schedule Battery Night promotions when rival teams or fan-hated players are visiting . . .

An interesting note in the article as to why Energizer sought the NHL partnership: “NHL fans are younger, more educated, more affluent and access content through digital means more than any other sport, according to a Simmons Market Research study.”

To paraphrase Carl Spackler, “So we got that goin’ for us, which is nice.”

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