No Jet Lag for Game One Out West: Caps 6, Ducks 4

Victory Beer Toast

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2 Responses to No Jet Lag for Game One Out West: Caps 6, Ducks 4

  1. mellyville9 says:

    Nice hard work goals tonight. Those dirty goals count just as much as the pretty ones our boys like to make happen. Theodore from the highlights looked pretty solid from what I saw. But can maybe some investigative work be done by OFB (unless you all already know the answer I would appreciate it) about why the the goalie coach I heard had only been to 6 games this year? Isnt this like a pitching coach in baseball just showing up sometimes to work with pitchers? Just figured that would be a mainstay on a coaching staff at every game and practice. Thanks.

  2. Blackaces says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that last night was a huge statement game for the Caps? It was a pretty rough game out there tonight and the Caps didn’t back down, which I was happy about.
    How many times in the past would the Caps take a West-Coast swing and just get hammered by the teams out there? It would be like watching a JV team play the varsity. But thankfully, this time the Caps seemed to send the message that they aren’t to be taken lightly.
    They went into the Honda Center against one of the best teams in the West, punched the Ducks in the mouth, and walked away the victor. Huge, HUGE win for this team.

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