Knee-Jerks & Notes – Tampa Bay, 11/10

Knee-Jerk ReactionsIt’s been a while since we had some good ol’ Knee Jerks for a game, and between pucksandbooks and myself, we should be able to get at least one nugget of interest out there.  Or not.

  • Big crowd tonight, both in the stands and in the press box.
  • There’s a new contender for noise during the national anthem: screaming “RED” at “the rockets’ red glare.”  Oh goody.
  • Lots of love for Olie- during the anthem (the ubiquitous “O” turned into “O-lie”) and immediately afterwards (“O-lie, O-lie”).
  • Overheard: “Ten bucks says Olie doesn’t make it to the tribute video.”  Ouch.
  • Sure enough, the tribute video is on pretty quickly after the second goal.  Very classy of the fans to give the man a standing O.  And nice touch at the end: “Olie Kolzig #37, A Capital Forever.”  Fine work by the Caps’ video staff.
  • Nice job in killing off that four-minute Brashear penalty, not to mention some great short-handed chances. Only a few years ago, I would have dreaded the thought of a four-minute PK.
  • The Spirit Squad is helping us clap to the organ music.  Thank you, Red Rockers.  (Seriously, though, they’re fairly low-key, for which I am grateful.  Dance routines at a hockey game seem kind of cheesy, but they’re not distracting.)
  • I couldn’t tell if the Fan of the Game was embarrassed to have the spotlight on him or just didn’t care.  The eye rolls were hard to read.
  • I freely admit to enjoying the “Funny Follies” clips of guys getting hit in the groin and kids landing face-first into the ground.  Good crowd-pleaser.
  • More crowd-pleasing: featuring both Goat and the Horn Guy on a split screen to energize the fans.  And, of course, “UNLEASH THE FURY” is always a big hit.
  • That sound was the collective gasp of thousands of relieved fans, who were happy to see Ovechkin score a goal at last.

Good, solid effort tonight- hope it continues!

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9 Responses to Knee-Jerks & Notes – Tampa Bay, 11/10

  1. Mellyville9 says:

    Great showing by the Caps. Im especially pleased to see Poti start pumping in some goals. We always heard how offensive he was but he seems to really be aggressive on the offensive side this season. One more thing that has actually bothered me the last two seasons or so and isnt Hockey related exactly, but why is it that us going home towards shady grove have to wait 15+ minutes after EVERY game for the train to come to the station? Doesn’t Metro know when Caps games are and to have a train coming somewhere close to the end of the game? Its a mob scene in that direction and causes ridiculous stuffing of trains because the one after that is another 15 minutes behind it and nobody wants to wait for that one. GO CAPS!

  2. capshockeyfan says:

    Nice summary of tonight’s game and the atmosphere at VC. I was pleasantly surprised by the fans support of Olie and of the Caps respectful video tribute to one of their great players from recent years. Regarding the “Fan of the Game”; (tonight was Salute the Military Night) the guy was a wounded vet who was in the Walter Reed section; he was missing an arm and a leg; I suspect he was happy to be at the game, but had other things on his mind and was not overly thrilled to be featured on the jumbo-tron.

  3. Section 117 says:

    There’s a new contender for noise during the national anthem: screaming “RED” at “the rockets’ red glare.” Oh goody.
    Lots of love for Olie- during the anthem (the ubiquitous “O” turned into “O-lie”) and immediately afterwards (“O-lie, O-lie”).
    What, you were sitting near me? In my defense, “red” beats the crap out of “O”.

  4. DC Sports Chick says:

    Capshockeyfan, thanks for the added detail about the Fan of the Game. I thought it was a nice gesture by the Caps, but I wonder if they checked with him first about it. I can understand just wanting to watch the game and not wanting the attention.
    Section 117- the “red” thing is definitely gaining popularity; I heard it all throughout the arena. I agree, that’s the lesser of two evils.

  5. Victor says:

    There’s a new contender for noise during the national anthem: screaming “RED” at “the rockets’ red glare.”
    I’ve noticed this all season…and if memory serves, during the playoffs last season. It’s pretty damn stupid, IMO, and still very disrespectful.

  6. joyfulleigh18 says:

    The Fan of the Game caused a major commotion in my section. Some drunk college-age girls sitting next to me started making fun of him for his lack of enthusiasm, not recognizing his injured veteran status. Then the older season ticket holder behind them, a 30-year Army veteran, got incredibly offended and started calling these girls idiots and yelling at them for not being more supportive of people who have been injured as a result of their service. He was dead-on right, of course, but his approach was way off. The drunk girls responded with even more ugliness and confrontation, and it went round and round until the rest of us had to tell them all to shut up and watch the game! I’m with DC Sports Chick — they really should inform people they’re going to be honored at the game and make sure they’re on board with it. The eye rolls didn’t go over well.

  7. Section 117 says:

    Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree here.

  8. Section 117 says:

    To Victor’s comment, btw.

  9. Capshockeyfan says:

    I think last night’s Fan of the Game would have been much better received by ALL, if the Caps staff would have given the award to the little boy who accompanied the wounded veteran. When showing the fan, the camera started out with a wide-angle view which included a beaming little boy who was obviously thrilled to be at the game with the man, the camera then zoomed in on the veteran who did not seem too pleased. If the Caps crew had given the little boy one of the freebie Rock the Red shirts or towels and focused the camera on him; I bet it would have brought a smile to the veteran and also been very well received by the crowd.
    I agree with the other folks who suggested that the fan of the game be warned ahead of time; I’d think the Fan of the Game should also be Rockin’ the Red in some fashion (or at least wearing something with a Caps logo)!

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