A Homecoming Spoiled – Caps 4 / Lightning 2

Victory Beer Toast

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4 Responses to A Homecoming Spoiled – Caps 4 / Lightning 2

  1. Jessie says:

    A bittersweet victory!
    I love Olie (his is the name on my unnecessarily girlie pink and white sweater), but at the same time, it is of course a great feeling to see your team win.
    My favorite part of tonight’s victory, however, is that it was Johnson between the pipes rather than Theodore. While I’m sure that this can’t be a fun time for Kolzig, I bet anything it makes him happy to see his longtime teammate (and good friend off the ice) be the one getting the praise, rather than the new guy.
    Theodore’s good, but maybe it’s finally Johnson’s turn? 🙂

  2. deucedaily says:

    The game was nice, good showing of Olie jersey’s, and a great homage during a commercial break…but most peculiar was the incognito addition of shots after the Olie video that brought his shot total from 2 to 4, at the time when the caps were up two-zippy.

  3. Jay says:

    Good win tonight, Johnny is playing as good as the best goalie in the league. But in the second period I counted 7 consecutive turn-overs and in the third 8 consecutive. This kind of lack of discipline does not exist with the elite teams. We get complacent time and time again every game. We need to cut this out.

  4. this space for rent says:

    @Jay: Agreed that it needs to stop. We’ve to stop slacking off once we get on top.
    That said, this once I’m okay with it to some extent. It was nice to see that they didn’t humiliate Olie, and if they’d brought it full steam for the second two periods, it would have been an utter slaughter.

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