BJ Makes Strong Case for #1; Caps 3 – Rags 1

Victory Beer Toast

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12 Responses to BJ Makes Strong Case for #1; Caps 3 – Rags 1

  1. PaintDrinkingPete says:

    I just hope that Johnson’s play will “inspire” Theodore to play better as well. We got lucky tonight, with a couple of unorthodox goals, but Johnson’s netminding was the highlight (once again) of tonight’s game.
    I know that #8 will come around, but seriously, how remarkable is it that Semin hits that empty net to add another goal to his tally?

  2. Gustafsson says:

    That open net goal from the faceoff dot on the other end of the ice by Semin may make people forget about the absolute stupid tripping penalty he took with 2:15 left in the game

  3. Jay says:

    Rags. Laughing out loud.

  4. strungout says:

    Good win. Nice to see one of the two goalies finally step up to calm the nerves of the team and the fans.
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  5. PaintDrinkingPete says:

    I won’t forget about the penalty…I was seriously concerned that it would send the game into OT–But it was fitting that after making all us sweat for 2 minutes that Semin would come back in and seal the deal.

  6. Joe says:

    “There are not enough ads on this page.”

  7. macvechkin, fka jr says:

    I know Semin has those tendencies, but in his defense I will say that last penalty was a tad ticky-tacky. Not surprising at all though given the Rangers were owed one.

  8. @Gustufsson and Macvechkin:
    I think you guys are off the mark here – that tripping call on Semin was bogus. Even a slash would have been a bad call – it was stick on stick all the way and he was going for the puck. Maybe it was intended to be a “makeup” call to give Henrik Lundqvist some satisfaction for his whinning to the refs about all the net crashing going on – though I think that was handled very even handedly on both sides. In any case Semin played solid hockey and IMHO should not have gotten assessed that penalty.

  9. nafyekcoh says:

    It was great to see the Caps beat the conference and division leaders consecutively in the same week. Solid back-to-back performances in goal by Johnson hopefully will calm the nerves of Cap fans, like me, who are still worried about the goaltending. Stopping the PS was outstanding, but some credit needs to be given to the defense. Missing from last night’s game were the errant passes and poor decision making–at least for the first two periods. With 6 minutes left in the second the Rangers had only 9 shots on goal. The 3rd saw the defense digress but this is were Johnson really stepped up.

  10. Eric says:

    Making a case?
    He is the #1. Technically, Theodore is probably more skilled. I just think the team plays better with Johnson on the ice. Everyone finishes their checks, they win most of the loose pucks, and overall they just seem to skate harder.
    Rags? That’s insulting to these guys,
    They’re a great band by the way. I may be biased though as one of them is my dad.

  11. Jeremy says:

    Good game for Brent and the D, but let’s face it, the Rangers were pretty flat for all but a few minutes in the second and third periods. I’ll take the win, but we’ll need to step it up when good teams bring their A-game to town.
    Question for folks at the other end of the rink: Did Paul Mara make a run at Ovechkin after a whistle in the third period? I’m not talking about the usual mucking around – this looked like a hard, cheap shot when he wasn’t looking. I couldn’t believe it. But we were far away. Did anyone else see this, or were we making this up?

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