Boudreau Biography Slated To Hit Bookstores Next Fall

Gabby chats up a blogger; photo by Chris Kay

Fantastically exciting news: Capitals’ Head Coach Bruce Boudreau will have his biography published next fall, and its author is one of the best hockey writers in the business, Tim Leone of the Patriot News. Dulles, Va.,-based Potomac Books is the publisher of the as-yet untitled bio.

“Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau has signed a deal with Potomac Books, Inc. to publish his autobiography. The book, co-written with Tim Leone of The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa., is scheduled to come out in October of 2009. It will chronicle the colorful Boudreau’s playing and coaching career and his storybook rise to the Capitals after more than three decades in the minor leagues. Boudreau guided Washington from last place to the Southeast Division championship in 2007-08 and won the Jack Adams Award as NHL Coach of the Year. Leone, a winner of numerous national and state sportswriting awards, covered Boudreau during his tenure as head coach of the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears.”

On Thursday Leone told me that he has at least a working title for the book.

“It’s a good bet it will be called Gabby,” he told me.

“A lot of the book deals with [Boudreau’s] playing and coaching career before the Caps, but obviously with Hershey and his Caps’ ascension there’s tons of Caps stuff.”

Former Cap Keith Jones penned Jonesie last year, and while that work contained a fair bit of Caps-related anecdotes, Leone’s book promises to be the most Caps’-centric published work to date. Caps’ media relations pro Nate Ewell on Thursday couldn’t identify any mainstream book publication that had had the Caps as its focus.

Leone began his collaboration with Boudreau in May of this year, and the interview process of a hockey coach nicknamed “Gabby” was, as you might imagine, lengthy.

“We probably did about 40 hours of interviews at his house in Harrisburg, and I was just kind of leading him through his career, year by year, person by person, elliciting all sorts of stories and anecdotes and cool stuff,” Leone told me.

The book will incorporate the Caps’ 2008-09 season, and this morning Leone acknowledged that sales next fall would be helped were the Caps to do something like win the Stanley Cup this season. I asked him what aspect of the book that’s already been completed might most pique the interest of Caps’ fans.

“Last season, the storybook nature of [Boudreau’s] coming up, turning the team around, and the excitement that built around the team and within the team and outside the team in the stands.”

That sounds like a good read to me. Then again, I’ve come to appreciate that anything Leone writes is something I enjoy. He’s already signed one of his books for me; I’m looking forward to taking another work of his up to the Hershey press box next fall and getting a second signed.

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4 Responses to Boudreau Biography Slated To Hit Bookstores Next Fall

  1. Katie says:

    I can’t wait to read it! I couldn’t imagine anyone better than Leone to write it.
    Wow, you wasted no time getting Sweet Seasons signed!

  2. pepper says:

    Welcome back, OFB (at least I hope your technical troubles are in the past).
    This is great news. The story of last season, at the very least, begs to be told in bound print.

  3. Simonn says:

    Thanks for posting these useful information. Keep them coming

  4. HotRusGirl says:

    I have been looking for a long time and found this post.

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