Clement on Fedorov

If you haven’t seen it already, check out Bill Clement’s opinion piece on NBC Sports.¬† Clement takes a look at Sergei Fedorov touching on his offensive and defensive play as well as his leadership role.

Fedorov has been enigmatic. When he was young, he was loner. But now his interaction with two young Russian stars with the Capitals ‚Äì Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin ‚Äì has been terrific and even in the short time he’s been with Washington his influence on the two has been invaluable in their continued development.

What perhaps most rubs off on Ovechkin and Semin from Fedorov’s play is his commitment to team defense. He’s always been so responsible defensively and add to that the way he carries himself with such professionalism and his younger compatriots and other teammates have quite a role model in the 38-year-old.

H/T to Alanah and Alex Ovetjkin.

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4 Responses to Clement on Fedorov

  1. J.P. says:

    “When he was young, he was loner.”
    Jeez, Bill – just because you’re talking about Russians doesn’t mean you can’t write in English.
    Definitely a nice article, though.
    And I’d thought I’d read somewhere that you guys were “off the air.” 🙂

  2. pepper says:

    Clement, Clement, Hands of Cement!

  3. Victor says:

    The same Bill Clement who didn’t hesitate to say how much he hated playing for Wasington?

  4. Lee (PTO) says:

    It couldn’t possibly have been the cheap owner or the rats in the locker rooms that he disliked? I hear through the grapevine that before Ted took over, it wasn’t the best organization to be shipped off to… Sorry if this steps on the toes of the older fan-base out there, but c’mon.
    On the other hand, screw Clement for actually throwing our team under the bus *publically* like that, but it wasn’t a baseless comment from other things I’ve heard about the Caps?

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