Saturday Night Blogging, Part II

Last Saturday I joined Eric McErlain and Jon Press¬†and Rebecca¬†from A View from the Cheap Seats¬†for a spirited Saturday night live blogging session from Verizon Center. Eric will host another live-blog this Saturday from the Phone Booth, for the Devils’ game. I’ll join in again but do so from Giant Center in Hershey, Pa., where the Bears will take to the ice for their 2008-09 home opener against the Syracuse Crunch. So we’ll have live coverage of¬†both parent club and affiliate then.
I’ll be seated near Bears’ beat reporter Tim¬†Leone of the Patriot News, and surrounded by able Bears’ PR staffers. So come at me with questions Bears and I’ll do my best to get them answered. We are also working on delivering SovetskySport’s Dmitry Chesnokov to Hershey for his first-ever appearance with Bears’ play-by-play voice John Walton, who I know is eager to learn more about Bears’ rookie netminder Simeon Varlamov.
I’m eager to eyeball Bears’ rookie center Mathieu Perreault, whom Leone notes this week is off to a conspicuous start:

“Just two Hershey Bears — Mike Green in 2005-06 and Mike Gaul in 1997-98 — have made the AHL’s All-Rookie team since the designation was established in 1996-97.
Hershey has a number of promising contenders this season, and Mathieu Perreault has gotten out of the gate fast.
The centerman, who has notched points in all three Hershey games, has two goals and two assists to rank second to Lowell’s Matt Halischuk (five points) in rookie scoring.
The 5-foot-8, 166-pounder is delivering big production.
“He’s strong and he’s so quick that he never stands still,” Bears coach Bob Woods said today. “He doesn’t allow size to be an issue.”

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13 Responses to Saturday Night Blogging, Part II

  1. Brian says:

    I’ll be at the Giant center, too (just like 99% of all the home games…lol). If you want a view from the glass, come on down and say hi. Hershey warms up right in front of us. 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    i’ll be at the Caps game, but hope to catch one of these one night.
    also, i just started my Caps blog, would love to get added to your blogroll if you like it. thanks!

  3. The Peerless says:

    Are herbies part of the All-Star skills competition?

  4. Welcome to the jungle, Dave! We’ve added you to the blogroll.

  5. odessa steps magazin says:

    Ironically, I will be in Canada this weekend, and miss the Bears’ opener.
    Hoping to see a QMJHL game while I am there.

  6. Hershey Bears Fan says:

    Glad to hear you’ll be up this way watching the Bears. I’ll only be at the game Sunday night but I’m pumped because that very well could be Varlamov’s first home game start in goal and I’m eager to see him in action.

  7. Katie says:

    Puck sodas and chocolate! What could be better on an autumn Saturday night? I’m so excited for the home opener!

  8. Hershey Bears fan says:

    You can’t tailgate at the Giant Center I believe. Not legally anyway…

  9. Gustafsson says:

    Even better when the puck soda and chocolate is one:

  10. Katie says:

    I need to find that now. It’d be perfect for Giant Center Tailgating!

  11. Gustafsson says:

    If you can’t find it there, perhaps pucks can start blogging from the parking lot after transporting said puck soda from any of our local beer retailers.
    It is a mighty good tasting brew.
    I would also say that tailgating is not allowed at most places where tailgating is enjoyed.

  12. Katie says:

    I’ve done it before. Red Solo cups are the way to go!

  13. odessa steps magazin says:

    It seems there are often folks hanging out in the parking lot at Giant Center, throwing a football or kicking a futbol or what not.
    I can’t recall seeing anyone embibing though.

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