Are You Ready To Rock?

In case you missed the opening video for 2008-2009, here it is:

For those of you who attended the taping, have you spotted yourself in the video?
If you want to update your CapsMix, the song is Hell Yeah by Rev Theory.

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6 Responses to Are You Ready To Rock?

  1. will n says:

    awesome vid! very cool – these guys are rock stars – i bet the crowd starts chanting Hey hey hey hey with ovie

  2. Murshawursha says:

    Sigh… My girlfriend and I giggled through the whole thing. Funny, yes, entertaining, yes, but it just didn’t really get me all that pumped up.
    Maybe if they were singing The Pretender.

  3. Cool video.. we trust in Ovechkin)

  4. Jill says:

    Yep, we spotted ourselves in it!

  5. Wisper says:

    The video was better then the train wreck I was expecting, but just not something that gets you amped up.
    Anyone have links to the new player photos they used for introductions and scoring announcements?

  6. The Mule says:

    Yikes. That was extremely lame. Maybe in the proper setting it’s better.

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