This Club’s Only For the Well-Heeled

We live in uncertain times, what with a collapsing economy and threat of a recession or worse. However, such financial doom and gloom clearly does not exist in Pittsburgh. The Penguins have created “The Penguins Hockey ‘n Heels Ladies Club” for their female fans. You’ll recall that they were one of several teams last season who offered a Hockey ‘n Heels event. They’ve taken it to the next level and created a club for women with the following perks:

  • One (1) game ticket in the Club Level Seating for three (3) games which includes event ticket, event premium item and buffet dinner
  • Locker Room Tour
  • On-Ice Demonstrations with the opportunity to sit in the Penalty Box/Player Bench
  • Attend a morning skate
  • Meet and greet with players after the morning skate
  • Limited Edition Framed Art Piece

And what is the price for such unmitigated hockey pleasure? A mere $1,225! Never fear if you can’t spare $1K+ right now; for $180, you can eat dinner and attend one game in the club level and receive that “event premium item.” (That’s $50 more than last year.)
Doing the math, even buying tickets at $180 for each of the three games still only sets one back $540. That must be one hell of an art piece, because I don’t see how a smelly locker room tour or watching morning skate is worth close to $700. Hopefully it’s nothing like the suggestively phallic HnH logo to the right.
I salute the Penguins for attempting to cater to the female fan, something more teams should do. And I have no doubt that they’ll get at least a few takers. However, the timing couldn’t be worse for this type of venture, not to mention that it’s ridiculously overpriced.
The only way I could possibly rationalize spending that much money on a ticket, some food, and on-ice demonstrations is if the opportunity to sit in the penalty box and on the bench was during a game. Or if the event premium item was Crosby’s playoff beard stubble.
Thank you, pepper, for sharing this link, I think.

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9 Responses to This Club’s Only For the Well-Heeled

  1. Hockey Mom says:

    LOL! For that kind of money in this wacky economy, Sidney Crosby better be polishing my high heels! I’ve been in the smelly locker rooms – definitely not worth $700…

  2. steph says:

    The way Crosby grew playoff stubble, there would only be enough for 3 women if that were the premium item. And honestly . . . ew 🙂

  3. Steph, that’s probably the number of women who would spend $1200 for the privilege.
    And you know someone would buy that stubble on eBay!

  4. Yeah, that hockey stick is flying right up that skirt, eh? It’s not Easton, it’s Trojan. Yeesh.

  5. Gustafsson says:

    or a well-hung transvestite?
    (ok, one should not drink and comment)

  6. Maybe it’s the mozzarella poutine and deep-fried pepperoni talking. That would make anyone a little goofy.

  7. Gustafsson says:

    I’m sorry, DCSC, I have no idea what you are talking about. 😉

  8. Jill says:

    The only possible excuse can be that a portion (like $1,000) of the price tag is going to charity. Anything else and the Flyers should be utterly ashamed.
    I was sent a Caps fan survey over the summer and one of the questions asked how to better engage and connect with female fans. I suggested not creating events with silly names like “Hockey ‘n’ Heels,” not assuming female fans all want to meet the players (or their wives), and not having ice girls. I wouldn’t have thought it necessary to add to the list “don’t create an overpriced “ladies’ club” with questionable privileges. I hope the Caps don’t even consider following this lead.
    I’ll resist the urge to add comment about the Flyers’ female fans…

  9. Jill says:

    Make that the Pens. I shouldn’t drink and comment either!

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