Next Time You’re in Anaheim, Bring Your Ducks-Branded Slide Rule

Who says learning can’t be fun? The Science of Hockey will debut at Anaheim’s Discovery Science Center in March of next year, and it looks to be an entertaining way of integrating scientific concepts into a hockey context.

The 3,000-foot exhibit, which will permanently occupy part of the center’s second floor, is meant to teach basic concepts in math and science by exposing visitors to everything from the resurfacing of the ice, to the design of hockey sticks, to figuring out how to make the best use of the penalty box, to the sounds of the game.
Guests also will “suit up and learn about goalie equipment and find out what it takes to block those powerful shots.” And people will be able to sit on a nearly full-scale Zamboni.

Read more about it at Gary Robbins’ SCIENCEDUDE blog, which also includes some artist’s renderings of the planned exhibit.

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1 Response to Next Time You’re in Anaheim, Bring Your Ducks-Branded Slide Rule

  1. That sounds really cool. And in Anaheim, of all places! I’d expect to see such an exhibit in Toronto or Montreal.

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