An Early Start to Strong Reporting

A tap of the e-stick to the Washington Times’ Corey Masisak, who’s out at Kettler every day this week and filing blog and print news stories daily. This is a terrific time to acquaint yourself with the Times’ revamped Web look, completed earlier this summer, within which you can find a voluminous catalogue of stories Corey’s filed all summer long. Here’s the tally of the terrific he’s filed from Rookie Camp:

Capitals welcome second Gustafsson

“The scene has played out more than once in the Gustafsson household. The Swedish family sits down for a meal, and the father, who played in the NHL and coaches the national team, and his son, a burgeoning hockey talent, inevitably start discussing their craft.

“My younger sister throws down her plate and stands up and says, ‘Only thing you can talk about is hockey,'” Anton Gustafsson said. “She gets so pissed off. Mom gets pretty pissed off, too. It is usually about hockey. [My father] is always asking me about players and stuff like that.”

Caps have no fear of NHL’s Red Scare

“A new Red Scare is sweeping across the NHL, but don’t count the Washington Capitals among the teams fretting with concern.

“Between the formation of the new Kontinental Hockey League with its deep-pocketed owners and the eroded relations between the NHL and the Russian Hockey Federation, many teams are becoming increasingly wary of investing high draft picks on young players from that country . . .¬†

“Despite their own issues with keeping Russian players on this side of the pond, the Caps are not going to shy away from drafting a player if Moscow or St. Petersburg shows up on his passport.”

Carlson impresses in camp

“So instead of spending his summer reveling in his new status as a first-round pick, Carlson went to work. He added to his off-ice workouts. He played more hockey. He spent 10 days with other top American prospects at a camp for players who might make the national team for the world junior championships.

“He also showed up a few weeks early in London, Ontario, where he will play for former Caps great Dale Hunter in the Ontario Hockey League. The result – when other campers struggled to survive the conditioning on the first day, Carlson had little trouble.

“The skate he did in the beginning there were probably four or five guys that got through it and it didn’t seem to bother him one bit,” Caps assistant coach Jay Leach said. “I was pretty impressed with that.”

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7 Responses to An Early Start to Strong Reporting

  1. macvechkin, fka jr says:

    That’s the revamped look? Wow, I think I’d be asking for a refund. Nice picture of Corey, is he a smurf? Btw, a blog isn’t supposed to be a collection of hyperlinks to stories. Sounds harsh but just want to help.

  2. Gustafsson says:

    I didn’t realize legislation had passed designating what blogs are and aren’t.
    BTW, blogs can be anything. One of the most popular hockey blogs is nothing but a collection of hyperlinks to stories.
    Thanks for the “help”, though we may be ok without it.

  3. No sh*t, imagine lecturing in such a way as to be oblivious to the fundamentals of the emergent hockey coverage site for all of new media. To make no mention of the Drudge Report.
    Blog commenting at times is a bit too much like the award of marriage licenses: far too democratic.

  4. Jill says:

    The content of a blog is whatever the authors want it to be. In fact, that is the whole point of blogs.
    Personally I rarely look at the Times coverage but may check it out since OFB is recommending it. Thanks for the links.

  5. macvechkin, fka jr says:

    I recant my statement regarding the DNA-makeup of a blog, let it be what it wants, fine, and to that end I wasn’t commenting on the content. The picture looks like it was taken in the middle of developing film in a darkroom. As for the blog layout itself, hyperlinks to external articles are fine, but why would you hyperlink every blog entry? Am I the only one who finds that annoying, to have to click on every blog entry? I don’t see that here, or the aforementioned kuklas blog. Also, no tags, no useful sidebar content, no sidebar content at all actually.
    Apologies for holding it to the standard of blogs like this one, Japers, etc., when discussing the ‘revamped’ look. …and lighten up already.

  6. Bob says:

    Corey’s stuff has been good this year, actually a great start, but then he has to try and fill the giant shoes that came before him. When you follow a hall of famer you need to do a good job.

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