A Little Pre-Camp Action

Unofficial OFB photographer Chanuck was at Kettler today to satisfy his hockey needs. He wasn’t disappointed: it was blues vs. whites in an informal scrimmage (blue won). Many of the team’s veterans were on the ice, as well as newcomer Jose Theodore and rookie Karl Alzner. Chanuck noted that one of the highlights of the morning was watching Alzner and Matt Bradley practice with Theodore after the scrimmage. Here are a few pics to tide you over before training camp starts on Sept. 20 (click on the pic for a full view):

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4 Responses to A Little Pre-Camp Action

  1. hockeygrl76 says:

    Sweet! I can’t wait for the season to start! I’m so excited…on a side note though I had some questions for those of you who are so much more knowledgable then I am in hockey matters…I was reading the hockey news yearbook and I just want to know WHY Crosby is still ranked #1 in their top 50 list and Ovie is #2…even after everything that he accomplished last year. My other question is about an article they had on Ovie. It said that he lost his tooth a few years ago playing basketball…is that true? I thought he lost it last year during a game…just curious and annoyed with the rankings!

  2. Matt says:

    @ hockeygrl—the reason Crosby is rated higher than Ovechkin is because of point production. If they both stay healthy, Crosby will end up with more points because of the amount of assists he will get. He will never score 60 goals like Ovechkin just like Ovechkin will never amass 100 assists (just don’t see it happening). I would rather have Ovechkin on my team because of the of what he brings to the game, but speaking strictly from a statistical standpoint Crosby should lead the league in points this year. This is my guess as to why Crosby is at #1 and Ovechkin at #2.
    (I am sure Ovechkin has lost more than one tooth playing hockey, or playing basketball; it was probably two separate occasions)

  3. Eli says:

    Great pictures! Thanks for posting.
    If anybody needs even more of a fix, I put a couple from the day before up at:

  4. chris says:

    oh great, looks like Nick is trying to score on his own team, again.
    Kidding, kidding. But that’s how it looks.

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