You Feel Shame . . . and Then You Get Free

Nobody summarizes hockey’s rules better than Denis Lemieux in ‘Slap Shot’:

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7 Responses to You Feel Shame . . . and Then You Get Free

  1. chanuck says:

    Love that clip!

  2. Christy says:

    Makes me laugh every time I see it. I was a teaching assistant last year for a Sport Management class at the University of Michigan. I was responsible for giving an hour and a half lecture on deviant behavior. I used this clip and got a great reaction from the class!

  3. allswell says:

    Ahaha, I love that scene!

  4. Puddin_An_Semin says:

    I have to admit I use this quote all the time when I put one of my preschoolers in timeout, I tell them “it’s against the rules, when you do that you go to the box for 2 minutes and feel shame, then you go free”. Obviously they don’t get it but it makes me laugh and my coworkers laugh at least! It’s probably one of the all time best quotes/scenes from a movie IMO.

  5. Victor says:

    There’s a significantly clearer version of this clip here.

  6. Gmann says:

    Classic!! And by the way, ‘Who OHHHHWNS the Chiefs’

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