The Potential for Reformed Government: Hockey for Everyone

I don’t know about you, but I’m both startled and delighted at the frequency with which we’re seeing hockey included in American’s contemporary political dialogue. Up until the very end of the veep selection process, there was a widespread belief that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty could get the nod from nominee McCain. Ultimately, he chose a governor from another hockey-mad state, Sarah Palin of Alaska.
Back in 2004, presidential candidate John Kerry carried off a photo-op at a rink, but it didn’t carry the impact that hockey has in this election year. Kerry’s embrace of hockey then, much like that of his wind surfing voyage that campaign season, I think struck voters as something half-hearted and politically opportunistic.
But in 2008, we’ve seen political candidates in full-on and long-standing embraces of Bauers. What if during the vice presidential debates this autumn, when national political newcomer Palin is asked to relate some biography to American television viewers, she identifies ‘Mystery, Alaska’ as her favorite movie?
It’s a shame that Vice Presidents can’t issue Executive Orders, because¬† Governor Palin might, like Pawlenty, be inclined in office to proclaim some hockey-related initiatives human rights and high priorities in her first 100 days as veep! The right to bear Bauers . . . floor hockey in all public school phys-ed programs . . . cabinet meetings conducted within shinny skated on the Reflecting Pool (with under-performing department heads placed in goal) (Accountability in government!).
Notice the subtitle of her biography: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment Upside Down.

Pawlenty of course could still serve in a McCain administration (Secretary of the Frozen Interior). According to the New Republic, Pawlenty “plays lots of hockey.” According to Newsweek, the Minnesota governor “has been known to use his reception-room fireplace as a hockey goal.” (Can you see yet why we love him?) On the Minnesota governor’s own web site, visitors are informed that he still finds time to play the occasional game of pickup hockey.
Were it constitutionally permissible, Pawlenty-Gretzky would be the hockey fan’s dream ticket. Or perhaps in 2012, or 2016, we’ll see the first-ever All-Shinny ticket: Palin and Pawlenty.

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23 Responses to The Potential for Reformed Government: Hockey for Everyone

  1. odessa steps magazin says:

    hockey mom or not, I’m not signing up for Team Elephant.

  2. uncatim says:

    Ryan Whitney (an American playing for an axis of evil team) plays more hockey (well not this season)than either Pawlenty or Palin’s kids. Do you love him? If just playing hockey is grounds for love, I guess you love Jagr. We’ve had plenty of football fans in our highest offices, I’m still waiting for my free Super Bowl ticket (or even a T-shirt).

  3. TJ says:

    wow pretty dumb post. I mean yea I get this blog is all about hockey love and all that stuff. But lets not mix politics and hockey, we are talking about the future of our country and thats not a game.
    I could care less if out President or VP likes hockey, the love of hockey is not a quality that I care about in a politician. Yea I get it the Caps are from DC, but I dont read this blog to hear about politics, stay with the hockey theme.

  4. My dear readers apparently take their politics quite seriously. You’d think I’d made fun of the crippled. (Hint: there really isn’t a Dept. of the Frozen Interior) One wonders what you must think of SNL.

  5. TJ says:

    hah, SNL sucks. Need to work on the humor, if this was at a comedy club Id be throwing tomatoes.

  6. Very eloquent, TJ. Though I’m impressed that you’d have actually brought tomatoes to a comedy club, not many have done that in the past 100 years.
    Remember, this is a lighthearted post — nobody here is taking a side in the interminable campaign (god, make it stop).

  7. TJ says:

    I always bring tomatoes wherever I go, they are a great snack with lots of vitamins.

  8. pepper says:

    From my own perspective, all I can say is that bloggers and fans are all quite starved for hockey content to cover and discuss, especially on this long, relaxing Labor-free weekend. Merely the mention of the sport makes us quiver and salivate in these times.
    But soon, the feast will be here. And oh, will it be bountiful.

  9. TJ says:

    “makes us quiver and salivate in these times”
    wow, I dont know what to say to that. Ive heard the phrase “hockey is life” but jeeze.

  10. derrikd says:

    we love pick up hockey, who cares who is playing 😉

  11. Flipper says:

    “My dear readers apparently take their politics quite seriously.”
    Well, this is DC after all. All we Washingtonians tend to talk about is politics and how bad the Redskins season is gonna be.

  12. Don says:

    Seriously, this election is too important to even joke about hockey being the only reason to go to the polls and vote for someone. if that is your rationale for voting, please, stay home.

  13. Doug says:

    OFB staff:
    The National Capital Region is diverse. Naturally, your readers are different than you will find in most other NHL venues. “We locals” tend to parse words, over-analyze, over-criticize and make a great deal about being the most deserving fans of another sports championship. Palin is a good story, though, nothwithstanding your political preferences.

  14. dmg says:

    @ Flipper,
    Washingtonians must have become much more pessimistic since I moved to Atlanta for school. I recall everyone predicting the Redskins being a Super Bowl contender every year.

  15. pig pile says:

    good lord….all you angry posters out there need to get a life….this is nothing more than just a mention of something that might seem interesting to a hockey fan…i’m thinking if it were hillary as the hockey mom some of these posters would be ecstatic (and i guess the happy ones now would then be angry)!!! ridiculous.

  16. odessa steps magazin says:

    I wonder if the OFB braintrust would vote for a hockey-loving politician if they were from Pittsburgh or Buffalo.
    that would be the acid test.

  17. Don’t misinterpret: this post has nothing to do with how anyone’s actually voting. It’s just fun when hockey pops up in unexpected places like a Presidential race.
    @ Odessa: Nothing wrong with rooting for Pitt or Buffalo if that’s one’s home. Hopefully though any pol from those places would see the light and convert to the Capitals after reaching the White House. 😉

  18. Steve R says:

    Wow, I’m much surprised by some of the venom in the comments here. To quote a great American:
    “Lighten up Francis”.

  19. obxpalma says:

    Amazing, two illusions we have here in DC, a)the skins winning going to the superbowl every year and b) every election is deemed “the most important election ever!” Its supposed to be fun guys remember fun? Or do I have to sing the Spongebob FUN song?!?!

  20. Victor says:

    Or do I have to sing the Spongebob FUN song?!?!
    Yes. Yes, you do.

  21. OrderedChaos says:

    Ideally, OBX, you’ll sing the Richard Cheese lounge-version of the Sponge Bob theme… (hysterical, look it up). 🙂

  22. Maya says:

    For some of us and I am sure we are a small minority, politics is very personal and sports is just entertainment. It’s not that we don’t have a sense of humor but when we realize that the difference b/w *this* hockey mom and Cheney is lipstick, any reference to her, even made in the spirit of hockey, makes us nauseous. Excuse us while we are a bit jumpy this season what with our houses gone and stocks worthless. I guess at least we have hockey to help us escape.

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