Washington Capitals: Admit One

Here’s a sure sign that hockey season is close: Thousands of fans came home from work and were greeted by a special delivery of their Washington Capitals 2008-09 Season Tickets.
Below is a scan of the Home Opener ticket — a replica of the Southeastern Division Championship Banner in a hard plastic material.¬† There is a perforation between the “banner” and the picture, but it’s still a sizable ticket. And yes, the Caps were kind enough to include Capitals-branded lanyards to wear said ticket around your neck.

Caps Home Opener Ticket

Caps Home Opener Ticket

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13 Responses to Washington Capitals: Admit One

  1. LePue_38 says:

    Yes! My bag-o season tickets arrived via ups yesterday!

  2. Flipper says:

    I think they’re finally getting the tickets right. Despite the monstrosity that is the opening night ticket, the rest of the games are a perfect size and the images are GREAT!
    Too bad I have to work the night of the home opener…

  3. KK says:

    It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

  4. Birdie says:

    Being a first-time season ticket holder, I did the “Happy Dance of Great Joy” yesterday when I saw my box! Although, I kind of like the book, but I fear that people would look at me funny if I showed up at the Phone Booth, book and hand and asked them to scan my ticket that way so I don’t have to tear it out.

  5. doughless says:

    Somehow the Caps office had my previous home address (after I thought I had that info straightened out) and the tickets were delivered there yesterday. Not wanting to not have my tix immediately, I drove to the old homestead and picked them up personally. Talk about a happy camper!!! I didn’t wear the opening night ticket around my neck last night, but toyed with it. I have been going to Caps games for about 8 years now. I am a first time season ticket holder. I CAN’T WAIT FOR OCT. 11 to Rock the Red and Huet eardrums!!! LETS GO CAPS!!!!!

  6. doughless says:

    I hear ya, Birdie, the book o’ tix is cool!! I would be paranoid that I would lose the book, though.

  7. Lee (PTO) says:

    Score one for the Capitals promotions folks! This was a GREAT idea IMHO and if the year’s starting off this well, imagine the other promotionals they might have up their sleeves? Thank heavens Opening Night is a weekend so my throat has some time to recover ‘cuz I will be yelling my head off!
    Hopefully the picture thingie will become a cherished reminder of the beginning of a Championship Season!!!

  8. Grooven says:

    I know of others who take the whole book in so as not to have to rip tickets out. (Personally I kind of enjoy the removal of them as the season progresses. And I’m not a fan of the oversized ticket, but it’s just for one game so I’ll manage.)
    Since there is a system in place for replacement tickets, is it possible that the Caps would be willing to reprint on generic stock for someone like Birdie?
    I dunno. You can always ask.

  9. Steve R says:

    Birdie, I did the happy dance too. Had my wife rolling her eyes and my daughters laughing at me. I think I’ll do the happy dance again tonight just ‘cuz I can.

  10. Dave Dragon says:

    Yup, Just received my Tampa Bay Lightning Season Tickets!
    Yeah Baby!

  11. Johnny says:

    Yeah they look pretty good this year and I agree it is ashame to have to tear them out but the option of carring the whole book or staying home and watching to save the book both seam like worse options…

  12. Wcapfan says:

    Got ours too!!! Can’t wait for the puck to drop in October. As for Dave Dragon, glad to hear you got your TB tix – it means you’ll get to see your boys royally whipped several times this season by our boys in red….go Caps!!

  13. m says:

    it looks so cool! i really wish i could go!!! but, of course, it’s on the same night as my school’s homecoming… argh!

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