The Cup Cake

Earlier today, Gustafsson wrote about Michelle (CapsCrazy) and Dave (Flipper) and their epic wedding cake. CapsCrazy was kind enough to share some of the reception photos with me. It looked like quite a party- Goat, the Horn Guy (complete with horn), and frequent commenter Grooven were in attendance, among others. Even Wes Johnson, the voice of the Capitals, was there.
Guests wore their hockey sweaters to the reception, so there was a colorful display of jerseys from all over. The Caps were well-represented, of course, but there were also Boston and Florida jerseys in the crowd. There was even a wee Leafs fan.
The Capitals’ film crew interviewed the happy couple during the reception, so don’t be surprised to see some of the footage at a game this season.
Congrats, CapsCrazy and Flipper!

Looks almost like the real thing

Looks almost like the real thing

The aftermath

The aftermath

Flipper and CapsCrazy with Wes Johnson

Flipper and CapsCrazy with Wes Johnson

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13 Responses to The Cup Cake

  1. CapsCrazy says:

    We were very surprised this evening to see the Washington Capitals home page… there is the actual preview of our episode on the food network on there.
    Take a look, it is totally GREAT! We hope you all enjoy it.

  2. It looks amazing! Congratulations and I wish you two all the best.

  3. Paul says:

    looks like the best cake ever! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you two.

  4. Victor says:

    Cool! Did they get The Zambonis to play there, too?

  5. Dave Dragon says:

    Congratulations and a lifetime of happiness I wish for you.

  6. Gustafsson says:

    That would have been cool to have the Zambonis as the reception band. A good friend of mine introduced me to Dave Zamboni, super cool guy (as is the whole band).
    I recommend anyone catching that band if they hadn’t already.

  7. Grooven says:

    It was funny. Right after the church service everyone made a break for their cars to get their jerseys. And before walking into the reception there was a disclaimer on the door telling everyone that it was being taped and would be aired so if they had a problem with being seen, this was their last chance to ditch the party. I’m not sure if anyone in witness protection (or with a second wife, or…) read it and left, but it was thoughtful of them to post it.

  8. Sam says:


  9. Flipper says:

    We actually were tossing around teh idea of asking the band Two Man Advantage to play the reception, but due to there being quite a few folks who’s eardrums probably wouldn’t have survived, we decided to go with a DJ. However, we did have number of hockey related songs played…The Hockey Song (by The Hanson Brothers…the punk band, not the boy band), the intro to Beautiful People (which teh Caps used as their intro a few seasons back), and we ended the night with Don’t Stop Beleivin’! Heck, even our first dance was to I’ll Love You Til The End (by the Pogues) which was a song featured in Mystery, Alaska…a hockey movie.

  10. NS2NOVA says:

    Just watched the episode. Awesome job on the cake, awesome theme for the reception. Best of luck to you both.

  11. Megan says:

    I just watched the episode last night and I laughed the entire way through. Totally not my idea of a wedding but they made it look spectacular!!! Many happy years to this couple.
    I just want to know, how tasty IS the Stanley Cup???

  12. Flipper says:

    Megan, it was VERY tasty. We went with a strawberry shortcake flavor (no actual strawberries though) and we had a second sheet cake that was a s’mores flavor. Even though there was so much cake, there was none left by the end of the night.

  13. Gustafsson says:

    Cheers to the happy couple and wishes of many wonderful years ahead!

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