Lord Stanley Visits Baltimore

Duff Goldman - Ace of Cakes

Duff Goldman - Ace of Cakes

I guess the title is a bit misleading as Lord Stanley’s visit was brief and it was a few months ago, but you still have a chance to see it.¬† Perhaps I should explain.
Turn back the clocks to August of last year where Dan Stienberg introduced us to Michelle and Dave, better known on the Caps’ official boards as capscrazy and Flipper.¬† They began dating when the lockout started and Dave popped the question in June of last year.¬† When Dan met the happy couple, they were taking pictures at Kettler for their “save the date” cards.

And so there’s the rehearsal dinner at Kettler, and the hockey puck favors, and the introduction, during which the wedding party will wear jerseys and the priest will be dressed as a referee and they’ll all pass underneath an arch made of raised hockey sticks.

The cake, naturally, will be shaped like the Stanley Cup, provided the bakery–Charm City Cakes in Baltimore–can pull it off.

If you don’t know, Charm City Cakes is the home to one of the Food Network’s most popular shows, Ace of Cakes.¬† Owner Duff Goldman and his staff make “out-of-the-ordinary” cakes from exact replicas of acoustic guitars to life-like basket of flowers and everything in between.
To make sure Michelle and Dave’s Stanley Cup looked just right, Duff enlisted the help of the NHL and the Hockey Hall of Fame.¬† Lord Stanley made the trip to Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes to pose as model for the wedding cake.¬† Duff is a hockey fan and a hockey player, so why not try to pull some network television strings to work along side hockey’s holy grail.¬† Yes, the cameras were rolling and Lord Stanley’s appearance on Ace of Cakes debuts on the Food Network this Thursday night at 10pm.
Here’s a sample of Ace of Cakes:

Perhaps Charm City Cakes will be commisioned to bake a cake for this season’s Winter Classic, they’ve already done Wrigley Field once.
Update: Here is the video from Ace of Cakes.

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7 Responses to Lord Stanley Visits Baltimore

  1. Duff is crazy awesome. He tends to meander around the bakery in a hockey jersey. How can you not like that?

  2. Michelle, aka CapsCrazy, is excited too:

  3. Tim says:

    Love the show – probably because my family is from Baltimore (still in MD today), but nonetheless, great show.
    Duff is a character, and so is that Jeff guy – I think I enjoy his quips the most. I’ll definitely be watching that tomorrow night.

  4. Duff’s crew made the cake at my friends’ wedding in Baltimore a few years ago — right before the show caused the cake prices to jump higher. Very cool black cake with red flames and little smiling demons as the cake topper.
    His show is pretty entertaining, and I’ll definitely tune in on Thursday to see the Cup episode.

  5. Flipper says:

    Sadly, our priest did not wear the ref jersey…but Goat did and called a 2 minute minor on me for “Holding” during my first dance with Michelle.
    Oh, and the cake was VERY tasty!

  6. Flipper says:

    almost forgot, check out the Caps homepage. A preview of the episode is up on the site!!!!

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