USA Today Scribe Seriously High on Ovie

USA Today’s hockey guy Kevin Allen, who also serves as president of the Professional Hockey Writers Association,¬†late yesterday blogged that the Capitals were “the NHL’s most intriguing team” in his list of 16 teams to watch in 2008-09. Then he offered up this bit of Capital Grille tenderloin:

“He¬†eventually will be to the Washington Capitals what Gordie Howe was to the Red Wings.”

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7 Responses to USA Today Scribe Seriously High on Ovie

  1. Just My Type says:

    “16 teams to watch”!?! Why not just list them all?

  2. JMT: Yeah, it might have saved Allen some time to simply list “14 Teams Not Worth Your Time”, eh? 🙂 Though I really do like his assessment of Ovie.

  3. Steve says:

    Does that mean Ovie’s eventually going to end up playing for the Hartford Whalers at the end of his career?

  4. Jordan says:

    I think this was just his way of telling us which teams he thinks are gonna make the playoffs.

  5. @Jordon: Ha! Only if, by then, AO Jr. is tearing up the league and Ovie wants to play a few games with his son. 🙂

  6. The Mule says:

    Wow. That is some hyperbole right there! Well if Ovie can lead the Caps to FOUR Stanley Cups, more power to him.

  7. Lee (PTO) says:

    Let’s make it five Cups for DC’s Heroes of the Ice, “that way we’ll have ONE FOR THE THUMB”. *choke* Stupid Pittsburgh-ers…

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