A (Very) Welcome Sight on the NHL Network

Have you seen The Hockey Show on NHL Network? Well host Carrie Milbank could be talking about the neutral zone trap and it would still be interesting, at least to traditional male viewers (and non-traditional female viewers).
We’ve written before about the NHL Network, its flaws, and its successes. If you haven’t seen The Hockey Show before, check it out here and read more about Milbank from The Hockey News’ Adam Proteau. You can be the judge as to the show’s overall entertainment value ‚Äî but the network could do worse than hiring an attractive and enthusiastic woman to bring fans a look at players’ personalities and off-ice lives.
OK, perhaps this post is just an excuse for a cheesecake shot of Milbank . . . but can you blame me?

Carrie Milbank of NHL Network's "The Hockey Show"

Carrie Milbank -- photo from carriemilbank.com

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3 Responses to A (Very) Welcome Sight on the NHL Network

  1. Dave Dragon says:

    Time to start paying more attention to the NHL Network!
    Lets hope her shirts stay open!
    Ride it like you stole it

  2. JR says:

    I’m all for CM, don’t get me wrong, but I have to ask – if you are attempting to be taken seriously as a journalist, do you “bust out” the PR pics with your shirt open and generous amounts of bra/cleavage showing. This is a good thing, I’m just confused…NOT THAT kind of confused. Not that there’s anything wrong with it…

  3. m says:

    this is stupid. is hockey seriously being turned into another sport with women only as eye candy? what with this whore with her breasts showing AND those stupid dancer people? ugh! women like to watch hockey, too!! and i don’t want to see a bunch of slutty women!

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