No More Black Jerseys (A Plea)

Now I’m not saying the Washington Capitals necessarily should choose our third jersey design ‚Äî granted, I’m partial to it, but I’m clearly biased as the one who Photoshopped it. But as Jibblescribbits (via Puck Daddy) points out, 12 black jerseys in the NHL is too damned many already, so hopefully the Caps will at least go with a blue one in 2009-10. So please, NHL: No more black jerseys. It’s as dated as the early 90s’ teal. Thank you.

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5 Responses to No More Black Jerseys (A Plea)

  1. Lee (PTO) says:

    Just kidding… I second the motion to ban any possible black Capitals 3rd jersey. If you want, just go buy and old blue, black & bronze one from our own teal past. In fact, I have a reasonably-priced Jagr one that I received for Christmas? *ahem*

  2. JR says:

    As if that needed any further oomph, if the pucks and sweaters are the same color it is not good for people trying to watch.

  3. Steve R says:

    JR, unless you go back to the Fox tv highlighted puck with the comet tail… Now that sucked to watch.

  4. JR says:

    Remembering that glowing puck is like remembering something you did while blacked out drunk, two weeks after the fact.

  5. Darren says:

    Prior to last season I would’ve said red was just sliiiightly overused.

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