Hey Ref! The Finalists Await Your Votes

First OFB readers shared their favorite Capitals moments. This time we see Capitals fans creatively directing their passion at the game’s zebras ‚Äî with often hilarious results
We’ve listed our top 6 OFB reader submissions below. Your votes will determine the winners; the top two vote-getters will receive a selection of OFB loot. Polls close at midnight Eastern time on Thursday, August 14 — so in this painfully protracted primary season, here’s your chance to make your vote count! Check out the full thread for some more classics, and many thanks to all who participated.

Ref You Suck
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6 Responses to Hey Ref! The Finalists Await Your Votes

  1. Dez says:

    The “Get off your knees” is a classic… but hadn’t heard “Does your wife know your screwing us?” before. Classy, bold, yet brief. Get’s me vote.

  2. FFS Enough says:

    My personal favorite for NCAA hockey was short, sweet and simple, yet powerful in reptition.

  3. JR says:

    Are you insane? Jerk store, woulda smoked that guy! Smoked
    him, I say.

  4. @JR: Thank you Mr. Costanza… I’m sorry, Mr. Vandelay. 🙂

  5. danielleia says:

    I love creative sign makers! It’s practically a sport all in its own. That picture is so perfectly positioned it’s almost scary…

  6. Drew says:

    Old Caps Centre standby: “Hey stripes, open your good eye!”

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