If Matt Bradley Was King

Throughout the month of August, Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski will be soliciting hockey journalists, authors, players, bloggers, etc., for a simple list.  Name 5 ways you would change the NHL.
It’s early in August and Puck Daddy’s feature is already a gold mine.¬† Some highlights:

Photo Courtesy of Career Sports Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Career Sports Entertainment

Helene Elliott, LA Times columnist : Tell Gary Bettman, “You know what? You served your purpose but you’ve now outlived it. Here’s a nice pension. Time to step aside and let Bill Daly run things.”

Will Leitch of Deadspin fame: All players should be secretly required to use steroids. Baseball’s steroid age brought countless headlines and, ultimately, unprecedented popularity and profitability. This sport needs a better class of criminal.

Craig Custance, The Sporting News: I know I’m the first to think of this, and you’ll thank me later, but hockey games need to be on ESPN. It’s that simple. By the way, did you know Erin Andrews got her start in television doing hockey in Tampa? She doesn’t mention it a lot now, because it’s probably in her contract not to, but she really enjoyed her time in hockey. Should we really be preventing her from working in a sport she loves?

and from our own Washington Capitals:

Matt Bradley: I automatically get to play on Alex Ovechkin’s line every game. I’ve talked to Coach Boudreau about this before, but it hasn’t gotten anywhere. If I’m in charge, I’d make it a league rule and take the decision out of his hands. Let’s add 10 years to my contract while we’re at it so Ovie doesn’t have to worry about changing linemates as he’s hitting his prime.

This is a series that will help all of us make it through the dog days of summer.¬† Puck Daddy’s “5 Ways” will publish every day around noon.

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4 Responses to If Matt Bradley Was King

  1. vt caps fan says:

    Matt Bradley’s a funny guy. But Craig Custance is on the right track:

  2. NS2NOVA says:

    Couldn’t expect anything less from a guy who doesn’t wait to get put in, he just goes ahead and does it, and gets the results.
    Gotta love the hutzpah, not to mention the grit and drive. Glad he’s on our side.

  3. Srilatha says:

    Ineresting blog I must say, though I know little about ‘Washington Capitals’ and ‘NHL’..:). Congrats again for being featured in the ‘Express’. way to go…!

  4. Lee (PTO) says:

    I’m pretty sure Rachel Nichols did a few pre-canned reports for the Capitals on her way to Bristol as well. “I’d paint three of those murals for some of that ___…”
    I love seeing Bradley demonstrate how much fun these Capitals are having as teammates, I don’t think this atmosphere existed back in the ’98 locker room. Here’s hoping that the comraderie was the only missing ingredient to a successful ‘Cup run!!!
    *Beep Beep Beep* Let’s Go Caps!

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