The NHL on Versus gets Jacked

According to the publication Broadcasting & Cable, the Versus network signed a deal with Jacked, an interactive broadcast provider.¬† Versus will use the Jacked SportsTop onine application for its National Hockey League, college football and college basketball broadcasts.¬† Jacked SportsTop was in use last season for NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcasts.
From Jacked’s web site:

The Jacked SportsTop‚Ñ¢ is a multifaceted interactive tool developed for sports programming that searches for and provides you the exact team, player, and game content you are most interested in receiving and viewing while you watch the television broadcast. Jacked is working on interactive tools for other television programming and will introduce them on a rolling basis, as they are developed.

Jacked SportsTop Dashboard

Jacked SportsTop Dashboard

The result is an enhanced sports news experience, delivering the real time game stats, photos, news, links to analysis, and the ability to connect with other fans. Jacked puts you in control, so you can make the call, customizing the widgets and content for your personalized dashboard. You can even view news, images, and stats for multiple games via multiple dashboards and save them for the next time you watch that sport or that team.

The NHL on Versus might be a bit more fun this season.¬† Here’s a quick look at the product which was obviously produced before the agreement with Versus.

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4 Responses to The NHL on Versus gets Jacked

  1. Looks rather interesting…

  2. is it september yet? says:

    Oh good. Now I don’t have to buy cable just to watch the away games.

  3. Lee (PTO) says:

    I’m bitter. As a software guy, I’ve always wanted to create something cool like this for the statistically-obsessed, Neuromancer-connected sports fan. Now these guys have beaten me to it!! Oh, who am I kidding, I’d have never gotten a behemoth like this off the ground on my own… LOL!

  4. pepper says:

    How much more bombardment of in-game stats do we need? I guess I should stay home and not attend any games in-person — otherwise, how could I possibly keep track of our players’ “heat indeces?”

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