One Washington Hockey Fan’s Very Good Fortune

Letter received today from the NCAA:
“Dear pucksandbooks:
We are pleased to inform you that your offer to purchase tickets contained in your application for tickets to the 2009 NCAA Men’s Frozen Four at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., has been accepted. The semifinal games will be played at 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Eastern time, Thursday, April 9, and the championship game will be played at 7 p.m. Eastern time, Saturday, April 11. Please note that game times are subject to change.
You will receive 2 all-session tickets . . . Tickets and seat locations will be distributed in March 2009 . . .
The seating capacity for the 2009 Men’s Frozen Four will be 18,875 [interesting, that]. Priority ticket applicants and those individuals applying for the first time have been allocated 9,626 tickets. The remaining tickets are reserved for the four participating institutions, the NCAA membership (e.g., athletic directors, coaches and various committee members), the host institution, the local organizing committee and other groups affiliated with the NCAA . . .
We thank you for applying for tickets to the 2009 Men’s Frozen Four and appreciate your interest in and support of NCAA ice hockey.
NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Championship Staff

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24 Responses to One Washington Hockey Fan’s Very Good Fortune

  1. Jeremy says:

    Got the same letter, I’ll be there. Really lookin forward to it

  2. Bob D says:

    Go Hockey East!

  3. SpartyCuse says:

    Did you apply through the NCAA, or via the Caps? My folks put in via the Caps, since they are season tix holders. I dont think they have heard anything yet. Go Green! Go White! Go State!!!!!!

  4. KK says:

    I didn’t get the letter! My fingers are crossed. Have fun, BC all the way baby…

  5. Steven Ineedanalias says:

    Fingers crossed HQ here. Was it a written letter or an email? I need to know which to check obsessively.

  6. You should be looking for a letter, Steven. Here’s hoping it’s in your Friday mailbox.

  7. Gustafsson says:

    I had no such letter neither at home nor my PO Box. I’ll be on pins and needles until I am able to check both again after work.

  8. pepper says:

    No letter for me yet either. I assume we get a letter either way? No refund has hit my credit card at least.

  9. vt caps fan says:

    OH its a letter…. what luck. The wife is gone for the weekend, and she’s got the mail key. Looks like I have to wait till Monday night.
    I’ve got my finger’s crossed….

  10. Gustafsson says:

    Guess what I had waiting for me in my PO Box?
    Woo Hoo!
    Wonder who I will be rooting for?

  11. Cathy W says:

    Lucky you. Have not heard anything from the NCAA yet but I don’t have my hopes up that I will be selected for tickets as I didn’t get tickets the last time I applied to the Frozen Four lottery when it was held in Buffalo.

  12. Victor says:

    Just got back from vacation about 4 hrs ago. Read this and decided to go thru the huuuge stack of mail, and found my letter! The GF and I are going!

  13. Scott says:

    Well…we got our letter today and our application was NOT accepted. We were accepted the last two years, so we thought our chances would be pretty good. I wonder how far down the priority list they got? Sigh…

  14. Steven says:

    Friday mailbox it is! Whoo-hoo! All the single ladies out there… I have an extra ticket. 😉

  15. Victor says:

    Late last night I thought…NOW will they fix the ice?

  16. cows3500 says:

    I got mine as well! Yay!!!!!

  17. Cathy W says:

    Got the letter on Saturday and we did not get tickets. Congrats to those who got tickets through the NCAA.

  18. Bob says:

    Got tickets on Friday, may try to get 2 more, I have connections with the academy, but either way I’m going!!!!

  19. It’s nice how this thread has become a bit of a forum for folks to share their lottery good news. Next year’s Frozen Four is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime event for us D.C. puckheads as hosts, so indeed it’s worth celebrating.

  20. I received mine as well, via the NCAA application. Now let’s see if I luck into a pair through the Capitals Season Ticketholder lottery too!

  21. Lorraine says:

    I applied through the Caps website and got my tickets this weekend.

  22. c$ says:

    I had just gotten home from an afternoon/evening of helping my friend move and was on the phone with my mother in Boston. I opened up the letter and SCREAMED. The poor woman was thisclose to hanging up with me and calling 911.
    I think I gave my mom a heart attack, along with anyone else that was in the vicinity.
    Needless to say, I will be there, along with my three other Caps season ticket holder friends who also happen to love college hockey. It is, in fact, what brought us together in the first place and we’ve been talking about the 2009 FF for 2+ years.
    GO BU!

  23. Alan Matcke says:

    I got my approved application on Saturday. While I have not been a big college hockey fan, I am looking forward to this!

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