Bettman’s Apocalypse – A Distraction from Hockeyless Summer

As July winds down and August draws near, hockey fans everywhere are itching for the NHL to return. This time of hockey drought is difficult; sure, a few storylines remain, like Mats Sundin (the NHL’s version of the Brett Favre saga) and for Washington Capitals fans the team’s salary cap management decisions. But this is undoubtedly a period of minimal hockey excitement; we even designed a Washington Capitals’ third jersey to fill this hockey-light time.
Well Puck Daddy’s Gary Bettman Art Contest is another such welcome distraction from the withering heat of hockey-less summer. Our entry was inspired by Colonel Kurtz and “the horror . . . the horror” of Bettman’s tenure as NHL commissioner. If you are Photoshop-inclined, the submission deadline is noon tomorrow (August 1). Have fun!
Gary Bettman - Apocalypse Now (mock-up by Mike Rucki)

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