The Times Provides the Tale of the Tape on Caps’ Tickets

Strong stuff in the Times today from Tim Lemke, who documents the success the Caps have enjoyed this offseason in moving tickets for 2008-09. The base of ticket plan sales, Lemke reports, could approach 5,000, renewals from a season ago are at 91 percent and could climb higher, and Caps’ officials indicated that the season-ticket base could reach 12,000 — nearly a 40-percent increase over last season.

“These guys are like [what] athletes used to act like,” said Patrick Rey, who attended one game last season. “You can’t not love these guys. They’re like a whole team of Brett Favres.” [Without the melodrama, we might add.] ¬†

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5 Responses to The Times Provides the Tale of the Tape on Caps’ Tickets

  1. b.orr4 says:

    You know what this means? Longer beer lines! Still, it’s a small price to pay for a jumpin’ building. Is it October yet?

  2. The Peerless says:

    …maybe they’ll actually open all the concession stands for games, b.04

  3. pepper says:

    This is so great to see. Since I already have my tickets, I’m happy to see a sell out virtually every night.
    And its highly doubtful that any of these renewals and new plan purchasers are Rags/Philly/Pens fans.

  4. chanuck says:

    Maybe that will limit the numbers of out of town fans. But the fact that half of Pittsburgh and Buffalo live here, since even they can’t stand to live in their “own” city, I still expect a large group of them at games.

  5. I think those of you thinking along the lines of limited enemy fans attending are right in the impact zone. This is indeed terrific news from that vantage. As tough as that opening round loss to Philthy was, seeing so few of the black and orange in our building — frankly, I didn’t think such a Red Out was possible in this town, even with Ovechkin.
    This is not to suggest that beer line length isn’t a significant concern.

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