TSN: 1 Year, $4 Million for Feds in D.C.

Welcome back, we say!
Update: Brooks Laich is back into the fold, so sayeth Tarik. Three years, at $1.7 million, $2.1 million, and $2.4 million.
The owner vacations, and his employees left behind spend all of his money. That’ll teach him to take time off.
Update (4:00): Out at Kettler just a few moments ago, George McPhee told media that “only paperwork” separated the Caps from an agreement with Sergei Fedorov, and that a couple of days remained before it could be completed because he was traveling. Basically, the terms are in place, both sides are happy, but a signature is required.

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19 Responses to TSN: 1 Year, $4 Million for Feds in D.C.

  1. SovSport says:

    So much for discrediting a report coming from Russia…

  2. Grunthos says:

    Erm… then haven’t we just lost Steckel and/or Morrisonn? Or am I reading the cap numbers wrong here?

  3. doughless says:

    this is great, but how is everyone feeling about $4 million for the coming year? If Feds has a Worlds type performance this coming season, I am happy to eat crow. Either way, I am ready for October!

  4. SpartyCuse says:

    Im glad he is back, but wary of the price. I think the Caps could have spent $4m a little better. IMO, Feds is a $2m player, not $4m. Hopefully Im wrong, and he has a 60 pt season.

  5. Grunthos says:

    Sorry, I meant Gordon, not Steckel. Durr.

  6. The Peerless says:

    These signings perhaps say as much about who isn’t mentioned as much as who isn’t signed. If the Caps were willing to go to $4 million on a one-year contract, I’m thinking Brian Pothier isn’t going to be returning.

  7. vt caps fan says:

    Peerless: I agree with what you are saying. Pothier is not coming back this year.
    $4M is expensive, but its a 1 year contract. Not the end of the world. It would have been better if it was something like a $2M contract and a bonus, if he plays 2 games he gets a $2M bonus. That would have been better for the cap hit, but no worries. I think we’ll be ok. Its only 1 year.
    But I also think that someone will be traded before the start of the season. We have a lot of Forwards in the mix, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone goes for draft picks or a decent prospect.
    I’m glad we have Feds’ experience and leadership. This signing alone, just made Semin a better all around player. He’ll play more consistently like he did in the flyers series, as opposed to the guy who tried to cover the puck with his glove, against Tampa 2 years ago.
    Good signing GMGM

  8. Dan says:

    LA has major cap space [they’re under by about 11 mil actually) so maybe we can ship someone there.
    Also, Quintin Laing… according to nhlnumbers.com he’s on the team but I thought he was a UFA… can anyone clarify?

  9. zelda says:

    I’m glad Federov is going to be back. I don’t think we can look at Federov for just what he does when he’s on the ice. There’s no doubt in my mind that he plays an important leadership role with some of the young players, and particularly the Russian players. Intangibles can’t be captured in stats. Federov has seen it all before and can provide valuable insights for this young team. That’s worth $$ in my book. I think $4 million is fair. And, he’s going to have a good time, and so are we.

  10. b.orr4 says:

    Backstrom, Nylander, Federov & Steckel/Gordon/Laich. Not many teams in the NHL can boast a center corps deeper than that.

  11. Brad says:

    Laing is under contract, but at this point he’s pretty much guaranteed a spot in Hershey. We’re going to quickly approach the cap now, and I have to wonder if we’re going to move someone. If Clark is healthy then we’ll only have ~2.4 mil for Morisson, Fehr, and Gordon. That’s extremely tight, likely too close for GMGM’s comfort (little flexibility come deadline-day).

  12. CapitalGuy says:

    Kudos to Peerless, vtcapsfan & zelda. Interesting to read the micromanaging mental midgets chirping away on the OBs, many of whom have made no economic decision of any significance whatsoever in their entire brief lives, wholly aside from meeting a payroll, signing a contract, investing capital, having capital, or coping with revenue/cost stream dynamics over several years. No matter. Some people get it, beginning with the group that runs this blog. Bravo.

  13. CG – I couldn’t agree with you more about the reliable erudition that originates with Peerless, and a good many of our readers as well. Thank you for your kind words.

  14. Brad says:

    Word from Vogs is that these reports are premature and that the deal isn’t done yet. I guess there’s hope, then, that we’ll get him for less and won’t have our hands tied so much.

  15. Shmoo says:

    This will get interesting. Gordon, Fehr and Mo.
    Gordon is one of the best defensive forwards in the game, eats PK time and a top NHL faceoff man.
    Fehr showed, a step at a time, a willingness to muck it up in front of the net and he’s still got the potential. I wouldn’t want to give up on a guy who hasn’t had a full healthy season to show what he can do.
    Mo is in arbitration. If he makes it that far and given the loony contracts handed out this offseason, I see the Caps either walking away from the decision or signing and trading (Mo or someone else, depending on $).
    Thankfully, with the ability to exceed cap by 10% during the summer, that gives us the option to sign and trade.
    But seriously, who do you move? Flash still has potential too. Kozlov had good numbers and you would be taking a risk to assume Laich or (banged-up) Clark could have the same output.
    My preference/hope/expectation: trade Brashear. Bradley was re-signed to take his role starting in 09/10, so why not one year earlier? Get 1.2 million and you might be able to pull this off. I assume Mo will make in the $2mil – 3mil range (essentially Pothier’s money). That leaves essentially a few hundred thousand from what I’ve seen. That plus Brashear’s money might just allow us to keep Gordon and Fehr. If necessary we then trade Fehr or Flash toward the trade deadline.
    Brash was great in the playoffs and I like him, but it would make the most sense. His one year contract won’t burden anyone else’s roster costs.
    Get Gordon – Steckel – Bradley for a 4th line you’re in pretty good shape.
    No one had mentioned Brashear or Mo’s arbitration, so I’m curious for the reaction.

  16. mathman says:

    Shmoo is it? Who would take Brash’s place in the enforcement role. Granted he didn’t have to fight much, but he did when they needed him. You don’t think he’ll get more time sticking up for the money guys? The Caps are now targeted, Carolina, Philly, Pittsburgh etc. you name it, they are all going to be trying to knock our scorers down. Who will be the one to fight back? Bradley? Steckel if signed? No, Brash. I’m sure GMGM sees the big picture and knows what he has to do. Fehr and Flash can go, potential doesn’t win games. Pots and Clarkie can go, concussions and hernias are tough to come back from. I like Pothier and Clark, but we lost a lot of game time with those guys and healthy they might do well but they are too risky. That would ease up a lot of cap room. Mo, Gordon and Laing are necessities to the ice for us. Mo to team up with Green, Gordo for the faceoffs and scrapping, and Laing for all his blocked shots and grit. With those movements the Caps would have it all. Not a stone unturned. One can only hope.

  17. SpartyCuse says:

    Im not a fan of Brash, and would love to see his roster spot turned over. Last year, the Caps had 33 fights (reg season). Brash had 12, Bradley 10, Erskine 4, Steckel 2, and Clark/Laich/Mo/Petts/Sutherby had 1.
    Brashear nearly cost the Caps the playoffs with his antics in that Boston game. He may be a good leader and whatnot, but I dont think the team would suffer one bit if he left.
    Im sure Bradley could pick up a few extra fights and fill the void.

  18. Shmoo says:

    mathman is it? As stated in my post, Bradley would take Brash’s enforcer role over one year earlier. It’s not like Bradley needs to actually win the fights, just be willing to and he has shown a willingness. Especially if he is told his $1 million a year requires him to get punched in the face.
    You say Clark can go, but if he’s as risky as you say then who would take him? Also, he’s our Captain.
    Pothier is done with hockey and I’m 99.44% sure of that. LTIR, $2.5 saved (for salary cap purposes at least).
    Steckel already is signed.
    Laing is not a necessity. He’s a “cult fave” among fans for his tremendous dedication and sacrifice. He’s going to be playing in Hershey all year unless a plug-in is needed or message to the team (such as “you guys on the grind line need to see what that really means”). BTW Laich also blocked a lot of shots and scored.
    Alzner will likely have Mo’s spot long-term. Preference is to keep him as Mo makes a good 3/4 defenseman, long-term. To pay for him, somebody goes. I think an enforcer is less of a loss than our captain.

  19. Flying Cloud says:

    Despite having suffered a concussion and a leg injury last season, Federov played beautifully here and inspired our team. I hate to lose guys as a result of his returning. At the same time, I think the organization has done very well keeping the ones they have. Not to mention the suspense in the last week or so has been outstanding! We might not get much for some of the names mentioned as trade possibilities above, but one does wonder who’ll make the headlines next! What a team — even in the off-season they are irrationally exciting!

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