KHL Head: “Most likely, today [Fedorov] will sign a new contract with Washington”

Sergei Fedorov at the World Championships - photo by Pavel Lysenkov

Sergei Fedorov at the World Championships - photo by Pavel Lysenkov

Our thanks to Sovetsky Sport’s Dmitry Chesnokov for tracking down and translating the following piece of¬†intriguing news:
At a press conference today in Moscow, Alexander Medvedev, the head of the newly formed Continental Hockey League, or KHL (which repaced the Russian Super League after the 2007-08 season), told Pavel Lysenkov of Sovetsky Sport:

“It is sad that we will not see Sergei Fedorov in the KHL. Most likely, today he will sign a new contract with Washington.”

Of course, around this time last week, things looked pretty good for re-signing Cristobal Huet.
Dmitry also relays that according to Lysenkov, Medvedev is on the board of the SKA St. Petersburg hockey club, which was involved in negotiations with Fedorov. Medvedev was attending a press conference at the Gazprom offices today regarding the KHL and its new logo. This was when Medvedev was asked about Fedorov.
A little before 11:00 this morning, the Capitals told us that, “We’re still negotiating with Sergei and remain hopeful that he will return to the Capitals.”
Acquired from Columbus at the NHL trade deadline last February, Fedorov tallied 13 points in 18 regular season games with the Caps and added 5 points in seven playoff games in the first round against the Flyers.

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12 Responses to KHL Head: “Most likely, today [Fedorov] will sign a new contract with Washington”

  1. puddin_an_semin says:

    I hope this is true, please god let it be true!!!!

  2. vt caps fan says:

    AWESOME. Let’s hope this holds true.

  3. Sombrero Guy says:

    Like everybody else, I’d love to have him back

  4. Rage says:

    The man LOVES blueberries. It’s crazy.

  5. JonnyP says:

    I already have the shirt.

  6. hockey mom says:

    Am keeping my fingers crossed – to have three key players who won the worlds for Russia would be phenomenal! Really enjoyed watching him play last season…

  7. Hockey Town says:

    Hmmm…could this also have been translated: “As of today, it is likely…” ?

  8. b.orr4 says:

    Stop toying with my emotions! I’m just recovering from Huet jilting us, I don’t know what would happen if Feds ends up centering Jagr.

  9. capsf4n says:

    I’m ready to buy my Fedorov jersey!

  10. pepper says:

    Its still “today” in Hawai’i for 5 1/2 more hours!

  11. violator says:

    Nice post, you are welcome to visit my blog about legendary Dinamo Riga from KHL.

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