Deep Frozen Thoughts at the Start of July

Recently we found out about the existence of Lee Twombly Pond in Falmouth, Maine. It’s claim to fame — aside from being astoundingly gorgeous — is its existence as “Northern New Engalnd’s only refrigerated outdoor skating surface.”
They actually Zamboni this outdoor sheet numerous times each winter day, weather permitting. The Pond House at the Pond is available for rent for parties and such and features both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.
Imagine perhaps 20 of your buddies renting out a late Saturday afternoon sheet for shinny there and taking refuge from the Maine winter in such a backwoods setting. Um, pass along the signup sheet, please.
In the dead of winter a lot of Americans make plans for following summer vacations in sun-baked recreational settings. Guess what we’re doing with our vacation plans right about now for six months’ hence?

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1 Response to Deep Frozen Thoughts at the Start of July

  1. Bill Brister says:

    Sign up the team over at … maybe we can challenge the fine folks @ OFB to a little hockey clinic?
    What a great place!

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