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It’s a Good Hair Day in Tampa

Mama always told you to get a haircut before a job interview, didn’t she? We don’t know if Barry Melrose did that earlier this spring in his meetings with the new owners of the Tampa Bay Lightning, but at his … Continue reading

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Well His Name Isn’t Gary Fretman

The NHL ownership scandals continue; and it’s beyond Boots Del Baggio and his shady tactics for buying the Nashville Predators . . . Anaheim Ducks owner Henry Samueli has pleaded guilty to lying to federal authorities. Gary Bettman seemed unperturbed: … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Puckheads in the ‘Passion Pits’

Are you aware that there is a revival of drive-in movie theaters taking place nationwide? I wasn’t either. But on Monday, ambling up congestion-free roads toward a business appointment and enjoying the pastoral beauty of Rt. 15 toward Harrisburg, Pa., … Continue reading

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The Anonymous Side of a Family’s Fame

Credit the Washington Times today for a nose for fresh, creative news: Harlan Goode offers readers a portrait of Alexander Ovechkin’s brother Mikhail, who lives and works and resides in the Metro area in comparative obscurity relative to his planet-famous … Continue reading

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A Look Back at Bengt

The Capitals’ first-round pick of Anton Gustafsson has given everyone a chance to take a look back at the career of his father, Bengt (or Bengt-?Öke as he is better known outside of the NHL). Dan Steinberg spent some time … Continue reading

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Another Solid Draft Hauling in Adherence with the Blueprint

So how did the Caps do at the draft this weekend? One answer is, a lot better than the Islanders and especially Pittsburgh. Here’s a Hockeysfuture reflection from an Isles’ fan attending a Friday night draft party, grading out his … Continue reading

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George Carlin, R.I.P.

George Carlin is dead at 71. His heart failed him over the weekend, though his mind was still brilliant and his motivation to call B.S. on, well, everyone was strong to the end. He skewered every foible and convention of … Continue reading

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17-year-old Alex Ovechkin

Once again: Thank you, Hockey Gods, for helping that lottery ball bounce the Capitals’ way in 2004 . . .

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Morning After Draft Reflections

In a draft heavy on talented rearguards, four of the first five selections¬†were on the blueline, and 12 went among the top 30 overall. I’m at pains to identify a real reach anywhere in round one. Certainly there were no … Continue reading

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Images of the Newest Help

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