Scuttlebutt, Conjecture, and Perhaps Wishful Thinking

The Caps are trying to deal Michael Nylander — and back to the Rags? So says Globe and Mail hockey reporter Eric Duhatschek. If the Caps were as impressed with Sergei Fedorov’s play here as we were, such a deal might make sense. Fedorov is a better fit in Bruce Boudreau’s system, and he clearly established chemistry with his Russian countrymen — here and at the World Championships. A short term for Fedorov (say two years) may better suit the team with an eye toward Anton Gustafsson then coming over and moving in behind Nicklas Backstrom, and it could also end right about the time Alexander Semin would need a deal. That’s likely to require some serious coin.
Meanwhile, on the Mike Green front, the Fourth Period reported over the weekend that while negotations between Green and the Caps remain far apart, the promising rearguard is seeking $3.5 -4 million per season in a new deal. Seems like a bargain to me.

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11 Responses to Scuttlebutt, Conjecture, and Perhaps Wishful Thinking

  1. Brad says:

    The only way this makes any sense for the Caps is if we get Dubinsky back, and I doubt the Rags would pay such a price. Fedorov is not a two year solution, he’s not really even a one year solution, for second line center (although he’d be an awesome third line center/top PP/top PK guy), so we’d need someone else that could potentially step in. This would only really help us by freeing up salary to perhaps bring in someone new on defense.
    Although this is all academic, because there’s pretty much no chance Nylander would consent to being moved after only one year.

  2. Ben says:

    I disagree that Fedorov is a better fit. A healthy Nylander is a great fit for the Caps. We have yet to see Nylander and Semin together at 100% and that could be a deadly second line. Nyls’ defense is also underrated – he was a plus player for 7 straight years before ’07-’08.
    Fedorov brings defense and PKing, and clutch faceoffs, and yes great leadership and chemistry. But when it comes down to it he’s barely a 40 point producer. I’m willing to bet Nylander has a few 80 point seasons left.

  3. Brad – that “third-liner” sure looked ok to me centering gold medal-winning Russia’s first line this spring. Just sayin. A lot of folks want to denigrate Feds based on his production in Columbus, playing for Hitch. I’m not sure Ovie would produce there.
    Ben – Just as the Caps were overloaded in bodies on defense, leading to Eminger’s being dealt, it may be the case that there are too many pivots now too. I have this hunch that the team wants Fedorov back. If that’s the case, it’s probably true that they cannot afford both Nyls and Feds. If that’s the case, and based just on what Gabby and George saw here last season, and considering who’s earning what among the centers, who do you think is perhaps most likely to be dealt? If you had to identify an “albatross” of a contract among them, whose would you select?

  4. b.orr4 says:

    Instead of looking at Nylander from a Caps perspective, try it from the Ranger’s end. NY already has Gomez and Drury for their top two lines, so they’re going to bring in a $4.5 million 35 year-old center to play on the third line? C’mon, that makes no sense, especially when you have a future star already centering the third line in Dubinsky. Who here thinks Nylander is even remotely suited to play a third line role?( And let’s not forget Nylander has a no-movement clause) As for the Green rumor, don’t you think that if Mike’s agent was only asking for $3.5-4 million per year this deal would have been done in May? Sad to say, but these types of rumors/reports are what give bloggers a bad name.

  5. TG says:

    As I told a friend of mine, I never believe any rumors about a player (in any sport) being traded to or signing as a free agent with a team in New York until the deal actually occurs.

  6. Nor do I, TG, most particularly when they eminate from one Larry Brooks. Duhatschek, however, is infrequently confused with Brooks.

  7. A team cannot have too many good centers. Given that Feds and Nylander are both over 35 and the “younger” of the two was hurt basically all of last season, I for one would be much more confident seeing both signed for next year. Whether the Caps can afford both Nylander and Fedorov (along with Huet, Green, etc.) is of course another question.

  8. Deb says:

    You assume that Clark will be good to go at the start of the season. Reading Tarik’s blog yesterday, this does not seem like a sure thing. If he’s not 100%, keeping Nylander would make sense.

  9. Brad says:

    You can’t compare the World Championships to the NHL, the level of competition isn’t remotely close. The Caps would be foolish to dump Nylander and assume Fedorov can pick up all the slack without hedging their bet, and even if he were to do well he’s on the edge of retirement and wouldn’t be the long term asset that Nylander is. No doubt Fedorov is better than his time in Columbus would suggest, but he’s not better than Nylander, and we can’t afford to downgrade at that position unless the deal were sweetened with something else (like Dubinsky).

  10. Muddapucker says:

    I have serious doubts about the Green asking price… If Fourth Period is right, then I don’t know why he isn’t signed, sealed and delivered cause he’ll never come any cheaper.
    My guess, is that he is going to go in the $5-6M range. Remember, who is agent is…
    I think dealing Nylander makes sense. The team demonstrated it didn’t need him. His primary asset was his offensive capabilities which were fine in the post Hanlon era without him.
    I would just ask the rhetorical question, “Did the Caps need him in the last half of the season or in their playoff run?” Additionally, where’s the better value and for that matter, where’s the future? I don’t see Nylander as fitting in to anything…
    Defensively, he was and will be a liability.
    I like the idea of trading him. Hope there are some takers.
    I would like to see Federov back, but would only play him about 2/3 the season. I would want him to still have “legs” for the playoffs.
    I think the Caps are deep enough at center to get along without Nylander but they will definitely need to sign Laich.

  11. bill ball says:

    Ideally, I would love to see both Nylander and Fedorov signed. I believe they bring different qualities and disagree that one or the other is better cut out for Boudreau’s system. We have evidence to support Fedorov detests the trap (as do I), but not much else to go on, especially with Nylander. I’d like to see a healthy Nylander under Boudreau for a few months before passing judgment.

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