Eminger Signed – by Philadelphia

Steve Eminger will be wearing black and orange next season after signing a one-year deal today.
Unless he manages to find the Flyers’ doghouse as he did in Washington, I’m betting he gets more ice time in Philly this year than he did in D.C. ‚Äî UFA Jason Smith is likely departing, Mike Rathje is in questionable health, and traffic cone Derian Hatcher (how appropriate that he wears orange) is of dubious value at his age even when healthy, and with an injured knee and broken leg last season he’s slower than ever.

“I’m happy to get the deal worked out and excited about being part of the organization,” Eminger said. “I can’t wait for the start of the season to get things going.”

Here’s wishing Eminger well . . . just not when the Capitals are his opponent.

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