Numbers Game


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13 Responses to Numbers Game

  1. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Why shouldn’t he? This isn’t a Bobby Hull -> Brett Hull situation–although it’d be cool to see Anton be statistically better than Pops, a la Brett.

  2. usiel says:

    Don’t believe it should be forced on him so really just up to him. Wouldn’t have a prob if went with a different number. Anyone know what his number is currently. This internet thing is failing for me, heh.

  3. vt caps fan says:

    Lets let Anton create his own legacy and win the heart of Caps fans himself. He shouldn’t have to live in his father’s shadow.
    I just think it adds pressure on the guy. He should just go out there and play hockey, let the rest figure itself out. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Mike in SF says:

    The team should have retired Alan May’s jersey long ago, and then this wouldn’t be an issue.

  5. My take on it is: if Anton *wants* #16, then by all means it should be made available to him. But if he chooses a different number, hey, no worries.

  6. Sombrero Guy says:

    He may want to honor his dad, he may want to create his own identity. Either way, I just hope he becomes a regular contributor in a few seasons.

  7. Gustafsson says:

    Selfishly, I hope Anton DOES choose #16. That way my old school sweater (pictured above) is almost a 2 for 1. 🙂

  8. Tyler says:

    Anton wore 24 in the SEL junior league.

  9. SYF says:

    I voted, “No,” for the sole reason that Anton should be his own man and not have to be burdened by his father’s previous accomplishments.
    Let Anton decide on his own number. I think his achievements on the ice for the Caps should be his own legacy, which in turn becomes a tribute to his father. It shouldn’t have to do anything with a number on his sweater.

  10. maruk says:

    He should go with #61. Not enough #61’s in hockey.

  11. Schultz for Norris says:

    I’m not sure 16 will be available. I think they are planning to retire Sutherby’s use of that number.

  12. TD says:

    voted No
    Be your own man.
    Won’t it be hard enough being compared to Bengt, no need to make harder.

  13. Victor says:

    Let him pick his own number. If he wants 16, he should get 16. If he wants 99…OK, there’s a problem.

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