It’s a Good Hair Day in Tampa

Mama always told you to get a haircut before a job interview, didn’t she? We don’t know if Barry Melrose did that earlier this spring in his meetings with the new owners of the Tampa Bay Lightning, but at his press conference today to announce him as the new Lightning head coach, he looked all cleaned up . . . still mulletted, mind you, but lookin’ spiffy.

Photo by Chris O'Meara/AP

The Southeast division just became a heck of a lot more fun to cover.
Below is the Tampa press conference, followed by ESPN’s Melrose Tribute.

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6 Responses to It’s a Good Hair Day in Tampa

  1. Ben says:

    Rich Tocchet, Assistant Coach? Did I hear correctly?

  2. It’s a good wager, Ben.

  3. HockeymomVA says:

    Barry’s mullet is awesome! Bolts will be much more interesting to watch this year…

  4. The Mule says:

    Whatever keeps him from providing analysis and commentary has to be a good thing.

  5. Jimmy Jazz says:

    What do you do when you have Vinny, Frodo, Boyle, and Stamkos? You hire a clown in a mullet and play for the Tavares sweepstakes. This is a good day, Caps fans.

  6. pepper says:

    I’m excited. Watching our division “rivals” stumble around, led by Barry and Tocchet, will be a real treat. Let’s hope they do just well enough to miss a high-enough pick next year.

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