Bates and the Batty Blogger

Watch out, Bates!Back in February 2007, I wrote a post at my old blog about a woman who called herself “Michael Jordan’s Mistress” because she had one or two encounters with Jordan several years ago when she was living in North Carolina. (My dear friend WonL has a full explanation here of the situation.) This woman has been in the news recently for violating an injunction that Jordan requested; it seems that she was calling and emailing his representatives on a regular basis, demanding child support for her 4-year-old son. (You can read the transcripts of her latest violations, and see the TV interview.) Two DNA tests showed that Jordan wasn’t the father. She hasn’t seen Jordan since 2001; you do the math. She also claims that Alyssa Milano is “cloning” her, “Bee Movie” ripped off her life story, and 9/11 happened because of her.
Now it seems that an ex-Capital has been added to her “Pro Athletes Whose Backs I’ve Washed” list (really, she said that). Yesterday she noted that she’s sweet on “CANADA HOCKEY PLAYER” Bates Battaglia (who, incidentally, is American), and he knows it. Maybe he should give her a call. It’s not like she’s doing anything besides blogging from her parents’ basement, and she’s got some free time before going to jail for ignoring the no-contact order. After all, who doesn’t want a woman who says that the aliens are mad at Jordan?
It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

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  1. Bates you better be hide. This woman is wacko!

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