A Capital Week Begins on June 9

Comcast SportsNet is serving up a summer treat for Capitals fans next week. Each weeknight at 7:00 p.m. CSN will show a key game in the Caps’ incredible worst-to-first run into the playoffs, along with new commentary/insights from Joe Beninati each night.
I for one will be granting those April 5 & April 11 games the coveted “Save Until I Delete” designation on my DVR . . . the energy of those nights was unparalleled in Verizon Center history, and the 11th was my wife’s first NHL playoff game.
From the press release:

Capitals: Season to Remember debuts as the network airs coach Bruce Boudreau’s first game as head coach of the Washington Capitals from November 23, 2007 — the start of an incredible run in which Boudreau took the Capitals from last place in the Eastern Conference to a Southeast Division title.
Capitals: Season to Remember, June 9-13, 7 p.m.
Monday, June 9: November 23 at Philadelphia Flyers
Tuesday, June 10: March 21 at Atlanta Thrashers
Wednesday, June 11: April 5 vs. Florida Panthers
Thursday, June 12: April 11 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (Game 1)
Friday, June 13: April 22 vs. Philadelphia Flyers (Game 7)

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7 Responses to A Capital Week Begins on June 9

  1. chanuck says:

    Yea Good hockey in the Summer.
    The only good thing about Angleos screwing over the Nats and baseball in general.

  2. vt caps fan says:

    @ Chanuck — oh so sad, but oh so true.
    (but i did get a chuckle out of reading it).
    And does anyone else think that game 1 was the loudest the VC has ever been? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it louder then the last 5 minutes of that game? I’ll find out on Thursday.

  3. Novaron says:

    Nice to see that Game 7 included even though the adverse result. It was a great game and we can complain about the officiating and whatever, but that does not change the fact it was some event. BTW, and somewhat off-topic, CSN is rerunning DC United’s Championship games this week.

  4. Josh says:

    I’m Suprised they didn’t go with Ovie’s 4 goal game against Montreal where he got the game winner in OT from Schultz. Eh, either way it’s hockey in June, a much needed fix.

  5. JonnyP says:

    I’d love to see Ovie’s 4 goal game against Montreal, except for one thing that everyone keeps forgetting … Huet was in goal for Montreal that night.
    I think if the Caps are trying to keep him around, maybe not showing that game is a good idea right now 🙂

  6. Patrick says:

    I’m really surprised we won’t get to see the 4 goal montreal game or the carolina home game for that matter, that night against carolina was the loudest regular season game i have ever been to…..the energy was ridiculous, it’s awesome they are showing this in the summer though, i’m fiending for some caps hockey right now

  7. The Carolina game was incredibly loud, but the last 10 minutes or so of the playoff-clinching win over Florida was jet-engine deafening. I agree that there are other games worth revisiting, but if they’re only picking 5 they selected pretty well IMO. Regardless, it’ll be great to see Capitals hockey in mid-June!

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