The NHL in Kansas City This Autumn

A pre-sale is occurring right now (through 10:00 p.m. Central) for the first NHL game at Kansas City’s Sprint Center arena.
Of course, it’s a pre-season game on September 22 between the Los Angeles Kings and the St. Louis Blues, so it’s not like KC is getting its own hockey team . . . yet.
Whether via relocation or expansion, Kansas City, Missouri, remains near the top of the NHL’s short list for franchise consideration. Back in October we discussed the feasibility of an NHL team in Kansas City, in the context of a possible new home for the Predators. This exhibition game seems to be the NHL’s way of dipping their big toe in the KC water once again, to see if the temperature is right for hockey there.

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8 Responses to The NHL in Kansas City This Autumn

  1. By the way, if you want to buy tickets here’s the presale code (good until 10:00 p.m. today at the “right now” link above): AEGKC

  2. Teka says:

    I still hold that given an NHL team, Portland Oregonians would turn out in force… they’ve been searching for that elusive second major league team for years, and I’d rather see them get hockey than baseball.

  3. DrCapsFan says:

    Bring back the KC Scouts!!!

  4. Sammy says:

    KC Penguins…how my heart was saddened when that didn’t materialize. Yes, I hate Pittsburgh and their fans bad enough to wish that upon them.

  5. Meza says:

    On Hockey Central at Noon on the Fan590, NHLPA Director Paul Kelly is against moving to KC, LV, and another city I can’t think of. He is in favor of relocating a franchise in Canada. A report came out that the 6 Canadian franchises generate 1/3 of the leagues hockey revenue. Here is a link to the story,

  6. DrCapsFan says:

    “KC Penguins?¢‚Ǩ¬¶how my heart was saddened when that didn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t materialize. Yes, I hate Pittsburgh and their fans bad enough to wish that upon them.”
    You know, as much as I thought I would want them to move out because I HATE the Penguins. I REALLY wanted them to stay. You need to have an archnemesis. There is too much history between the teams and hatred between the fans to lose out on. When Ovie came to us and Cindy went to Pittsburgh, it’s like the hockey gods were saying, ‘Let’s throw a match on this gasoline’.
    I was devastated when the Penguins came back from 2 game deficits in 92, 95, and 96 and I was ELATED when we squashed #66’s Cup hopes in 1994. I loved when Schoenfeld barked at the Pittsburgh bench and crowd in 1996 and I was in the Capital Centre when Petr Nedved broke our hearts the game before.
    I hate the Penguins as much as every other Caps fanatic, but they shouldn’t be taken somewhere else. They have a good fan base (as much as we hate them) and no one else comes close to being as big of a rival.

  7. Grooven says:

    Maybe so, but the NHL set a bad precedent by determining that the team not go to the person(s) offering the highest purchase price.

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