On Outdoor Puck, the NHL Says Chicago Is Its Kind of Town

TSN is reporting today that the NHL has decided that its next outdoor, regular season game will take place in Chicago, between the ‘Hawks and Red Wings, next season:
“TSN has confirmed that the Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Detroit Red Wings next January in what has become the league’s annual outdoor game.”
Could the game be on any day but New Years next January?
It’s the very¬†city — and the identical two Original Six teams — we suggested just a couple of weeks ago.
Interestingly, Soldier Field is only one possible site in the Windy City for Winter Classic II. The other is Wrigley Field.

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5 Responses to On Outdoor Puck, the NHL Says Chicago Is Its Kind of Town

  1. I’d love to see the game in Wrigley — just imagine the ivy-covered brick used as part of the rink’s boards. 😉 Seriously though, what a terrific vibe it would be to have the game in Wrigley — plus that field is unused in the winter, unlike the Bears’ home.

  2. Ryan says:

    Unless the Bears get their offense in order, there won’t be any games at Soldier Field come January 1 anyway 😉

  3. The Peerless says:

    What, the White Sox are playing at U.S. Cellular Field that day?

  4. migz says:

    When do tix go on sale for this? I’m so going to this thing next year.

  5. Todd says:

    I know as a Washington fan I am probably biased, but it could make a great venue. Can you imagine having the game at the NFL’s largest park-Fed Ex field? We would have close to 100,000 which is something Buffalo last year and Chicago next year would not be able to accommodate. Or better yet, how about visiting one of our super huge college stadiums like the horseshoe in Ohio State or the Big House in Michigan? Ohio would be an interesting choice as they have no NHL hockey now. Of course my big concern with DC is would it be cold enough? I know the ice is cooled from below, but still we have had some mild winters here lately.

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