Bucci Gets a Little Overexcited

1980 = 2008? Nope.In his latest bout of Penguin love (hmm, I suppose that phrase could generate some non-traditional search hits), ESPN columnist and host John Buccigross drew some questionable comparisons, including the “almost joyless” Detroit Red Wings’ resemblence to the 1980 Soviet Red Army team, and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ potentially miraculous victory potential. Here’s the excerpt that boiled my blood:

If the Penguins are somehow able to win these finals, dubbing it “Miracle on Ice 2” would not be hyperbole.

What a ridiculous statement. 1980’s Team USA were huge underdogs — a team filled with college kids rather than first-round NHL talent. Practically no one picked them to medal, let alone win the Gold, and certainly nobody other than Coach Brooks and his team thought they could beat the Soviets.
In 2008, many people picked the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup, including Buccigross. Perhaps the Pens were slight underdogs to the Wings; it’s also true that a Cup-clinching comeback from their 0-2 start would be impressive indeed.
But even if the Penguins manage to win the Cup this year, calling it “Miracle on Ice 2” would be more than just hyperbole; it would be a joke, a travesty, something blurted by a die-hard homer rather than someone who actually follows and respects the sport. Buccigross, one would think, should know better.

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16 Responses to Bucci Gets a Little Overexcited

  1. Spacemom says:

    Agreed! I hope the Pens come back just to make it interesting, but CERTAINLY not a Miracle…Not like the USA game.

  2. WFY says:

    Yinzer provincialism strikes again!
    I do not think a league with a salary cap can produce anything close to a miracle on ice. I think the only thing close to it would be a small market NL team with a $10 million payroll beating the Yankees or Red Sox in a World Series and even that is quite a stretch.

  3. migz says:

    Wow. No way that the purposed situation Bucci describes should at all be compared to the 1980 USA Olympic achievement. The defeat of the Soviet team then had so much more meaning that just the game itself, it was also a sign as the tides were turning for the nearing end of the Cold War, as political tensions were still high between the two countries.
    Sure the Pens are young, but they are certainly not viewed as underdogs in this series either. As for the Red Wings, it’s not as if they mowed down all the teams in the playoffs either. It took them 16 games to get to the final dance, where the Pens only took 14.
    That’s a really brash statement from Bucci considering all the moves that the Penguins did at the trade deadline this year. Those moves said, “Hey, we are determined to win the cup this year.”
    Media writers should carefully re-consider their opinions before offering them or comparing them to such a great historical achievement. This Stanley Cup Final series has no where near the meaning, significance, or comparison of what transpired in Lake Placid, NY in 1980 and saying so would be utterly ridiculous.

  4. JR says:

    Bucci is losing a lot of cred with this kind of crazy talk and Penguin slurping.

  5. b.orr4 says:

    He works for ESPN. He has no credibility when it comes to hockey.

  6. Stanley Woczjakowsky says:

    Get aht! Yunz guys aint got da slightest idea of what yunz is sayin. Just da name “Red” Wings should tip you off dat team is a bunch of card carryin’ commies, so da Booch is a hunnert ten % right (Malkin don’t count as no Commie since he defecated to Pittsburgh from Maggoto-, er, Magnavox, uh, oh yunz know where at!!!!)

  7. vt caps fan says:

    @b.orr4 — That explains it all.

  8. JR says:

    Melrose is still a pimp.

  9. doughless says:

    The commentators on NBC are far worse. has anyone seen (heard) a worse bunch of losers???

  10. SovSport says:

    As much as I get it here about The Miracle, it would be unfair to compare the Penguins to the 1980 Team USA. I may be wrong, but at least I do not recall a player, hailed as the best in the world by some who want to believe it, playing for the Americans back then.

  11. Gmann says:

    Dittos to Spacemom, SovSport, et. al. The audacity of the comparison floors me.

  12. norske says:

    Why would one think that Buccigross should know better? He’s always been like that.

  13. Victor says:

    That’s harsh, b.orr4. *True* but harsh. :~)

  14. Empty Maybe says:

    Add more evidence to the “Buccigross is a clown” docket.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Buccigross is to the hockey media as Gary Cherone is to Van Halen singers.

  15. dunner56 says:

    you critisize Bucci for being a homer. all you do is bash Pittsburgh because your home team has been their whipping boy for the better part of 2 decades. sour grapes dude. who is the real homer?

  16. @ dunner: Well of course I’m a homer — THIS IS A CAPITALS BLOG. Buccigross, on the other hand, is supposed to be a neutral journalist. He sure doesn’t seem that way, does he?
    @ Empty: Any mention of Gary Cherone simultaneously earns you kudos and demerits. Reconcile that as you will.

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