Matt Bradley Signed to Three-Year Contract

The Washington Capitals have re-signed right wing Matt Bradley to a three-year contract, vice president and general manager George McPhee announced today.

The Stittsville, Ontario, native has been a feisty shutdown forward for the Capitals for the past three years; he played his 300th NHL game last season. Signing the scrapper to a three-year deal fills the Caps’ third- or fourth-line RW spot.

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5 Responses to Matt Bradley Signed to Three-Year Contract

  1. usiel says:

    Congrats to Bradley. Glad for the resigning. IMO he had a good year and it was easy to see the over 100% effort he gave on the ice. Also like his speed and forecheck ability for the 4th line. Preferred him over Cooke who might have the edge in offensive output but not in the fist-a-cuffs variety as Brads is a middleweight.

  2. Sombrero Guy says:

    Per Tarik, three years one million per season. I think its about 100K too much per season, but I like Brads and can live with it. Glad he’ll be back.

  3. While technically Cooke plays LW and Bradley is a right wing, the team seems to see Cooke & Bradley as filling the same role ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äù so this contract may indicate a farewell to Cooke (unless, of course, Cooke signs on the cheap because he wants to stay in DC).

  4. hockeygrl76 says:


  5. Zman says:

    Up until this past season, I really didn’t care for Bradley, however, I’ve since changed my mind. Good news.

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