The Look of a World Champion

Photo by Pavel Lysenkov

IIHF game summary:

Ovechkin with the cup“If this game isn’t evidence enough to everyone in Canada of the calibre of play possible in the World Championship, nothing is or ever will be. Played at breathtaking speed with heart-pounding drama, this would surely rank in the top 10 of the IIHF’s top 100 if the list were released next week instead of yesterday.”

TSN tournament photo gallery
‘Russian rhapsody,’ by Roy MacGregor, Toronto Globe and Mail
‘No Canada! Collapse GIve Russia Gold,’ The National Post
‘Can’t Bear It,’ by Kevin Crush, Edmonton Sun
Champions! Russia Today (video)

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2 Responses to The Look of a World Champion

  1. “Right now we are the champions of the world and it feels so great,” said Ovechkin. “It’s really special to win here because this is hockey and it’s a hockey-mad country.

  2. pgreene says:

    sweet paint job. think ovy skates up on his toes? how on earth he skates backwards in those things is beyond me.

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