Where to Watch the Worlds

The 2007 edition of the World Championship Tournament found half of OFB watching the games live and in person. What about the other half? We, too, watched live — just not in person.
Like last year, we don’t believe that this year’s tournament will be on television, though we are hoping for a few games to be on the NHL Network. There is a way to watch ALL of the games… the World Championship Sports Network.
The games are live and WITHOUT COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION (at least they were in 2007). Last year there was some analysis between periods, and the arena camera remained on live. We even got to experience the Russian version of the Kiss Cam. Though an internet feed is usually inferior to a television broadcast — especially in HD — the WCSN.com video stream was quite good, especially considering it originated half a world away.
A monthly pass is only $4.95 and includes live and “on demand” event coverage, plus access to thousands of hours of archived sporting events. During Team USA’s off days, if you are wondering how Ovechkin or Backstrom played in last year’s tournament, it is all archived here.
Here are the preliminary games for the United States and Russia.

  United States   Russia  
Friday, May 2nd vs. Latvia 7:00 pm vs. Italy 6:45 pm
Sunday, May 4th vs. Slovenia 7:00 pm vs. Czech Republic 12:45 pm
Tuesday, May 6th vs. Canada 3:15 pm vs. Denmark 12:45 pm

You can find the full 2008 Schedule here.

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6 Responses to Where to Watch the Worlds

  1. SovSport says:

    I would encourage everyone to tune in. The tournament is underrated. There is a chance to see a lot of great players. Besides, it could be the last time to catch the Championships, because the Capitals should be playing deep in the NHL play offs this time around next season.

  2. Birdie says:

    I’ve used WCSN in the past to watch live gymnastics events and I love it. Their customer service is very responsive, too, in case you run into problems.

  3. migz says:

    I’m having ‘Blackout Restriction’ Issues already. What gives… I swear if I have problems in 45 minutes, they are going to get an ear full.

  4. Gustafsson says:

    Like Birdie said, contact their customer service. They were helpful when I had an issue last year as well.

  5. Cathy W says:

    Thanks for the link to the WCSN site. I signed up and watched two games today. The feed was pretty good and being able to watch Ovie, Semin, and Feds with an English language broadcast was great, esp. with the throwback jerseys with no names on them.

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