Versus’ Overtime Plan

Tonight’s slate of playoff games are exclusive to the Versus network with the Rangers / Penguins starting at 7 pm ET followed by Detroit / Colorado at 10 pm ET. So what happens if the first game goes to overtime and extends past the start of the second game?
Versus has announced how the possible scenario will be handled in advance.

  • Cable viewers in the Detroit and Colorado markets will be switched automatically to the beginning of Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche semifinal Game 4.
  • Cable viewers in the rest of the country will join the Detroit vs. Colorado game in progress at the conclusion of the New York vs. Pittsburgh game.
  • Satellite viewers on DirecTV and Dish Network will be able to watch the Detroit vs. Colorado game in its entirety on an auxiliary channel.
    • DirecTV – Channel 659
    • Dish Network – Channel 452
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1 Response to Versus’ Overtime Plan

  1. CBLW says:

    God I miss the days of ESPN. I never thought I’d say that, but VERSUS’ coverage is embarrassingly amateurish.

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