Capturing a Front-Page Moment and a Season of Change

Today’s Washington Post Sports section front features a flying Ovie photographed on a collision course with his adoring city — a photo that is one of the most dramatic and beautiful we’ve ever seen associated with the Caps and published in this town. We love how red and how delirious the home crowd is, and how in their attire you can tell that the Caps are playing meaningful hockey in spring. If you can recall a more dramatic, a more compelling photo, please point it out to us.

Washington Post Sports Section -12 April, 2008
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6 Responses to Capturing a Front-Page Moment and a Season of Change

  1. Victor says:

    Well, I like Charles Conlan’s classic photo of Ty Cobb stealing third base against the New York Highlanders, but I’m pretty sure you mean hockey pix.

  2. Cathy W says:

    The photo that was the Frozen Moment on on Saturday of Green and Ovechkin in mid-air during a goal celebration is also a great photo from the game.

  3. It’s a fabulous photo, Cathy — no doubt — but comparatively exclusive of the fans.

  4. Grooven says:

    Ms. Czarniak was nice enough to point out how fans are starting to anticipate the jump and meet Ovechkin at the glass with a chest bump. Kinda funny. Soon there’ll be nipple marks on the glass…

  5. The Mermaid says:

    How much more will it take for the Post to make the Caps the number one story, positioned above golf and a Wizards loss?!

  6. Grooven,
    was that just an attempt to put Lindsay and nipples in the same post? :>

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